2006 East China search Engine market Analysis

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Iresearch Eric Market Consulting according to Shanghai HOTDMA (http://dma.hotsales.net/) collected in east China more than 6,000 small and medium sized SME website traffic information, through the 6,000 corporate web site from the search engine traffic analysis, Extract the market share of each search engine in the SME website (commercial market). 2006 East China search engine market proportion in the first place is still Baidu, the ratio of 45.9%, followed by Google, the ratio of 33.4%, Yahoo, Soso, Sogou and other market ratios are 12.5%, 3.6% and 2.3% respectively. In the search engine market in East China, the tripod pattern has not changed. Moreover, three Echelon search engines are in their own range of fierce competition, so that the search engine market has become a competitive "Red Sea."

First Legion: Baidu, Google and Yahoo three points world. Our data found that in the commercial user market Baidu to 45.85% of the share is still the first, Google's market share of 33.4%, not some of the media reported so low, fully demonstrated its good performance in the East China market, and Yahoo's share is maintained at 12.45%, It's a good market share. This shows that the 2006 domestic search engine market is still the tripod pattern. We should also make a comprehensive analysis based on the quality of visitor groups, the effectiveness of ad clicks, and the average price level of advertising, so that we can evaluate the search engines more pertinently.

Second Legion: Sogou PK Tencent Soso. We see that Tencent Soso traffic has risen to 3.63%, the performance of extraordinary. And the so-called search engine has gradually faded from the second Legion. Search engine of the second echelon, Tencent Soso and Sogou are playing a fierce duel.

Third Regiment: NetEase, MSN, love to ask, search, Tom and the Chinese network are together in a scuffle. These search engines have a market share of a single engine that is far below 1% and poses no challenge to the entire business search market.

This is what we think of the domestic search engine market pattern. In the commercial user market, the gap between Baidu and Google is not as big as the media reports. But the gap between the Second Army (Soso and Sogou) and the first Army was very obvious. In the Third Army, more than 5 of the search engines are still in fierce competition. Therefore, we have enough reason to think that the domestic search engine market pattern is "tripod today, search market into the Red Sea".

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