2010 second half of the Software evaluator (PM) questions analysis and Answers-2

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Real five (18 points): Read the following instructions, answer questions 1 to 4, fill in the answer sheet in the corresponding column.

Description: Performance testing plays an important role in system quality protection. A project team carried out load stress test on an e-government platform system, and focused on evaluating the time characteristics and resource utilization of the efficiency quality characteristics of two quality sub-characteristics. Performance requirements can be summarized as follows: The business success rate reached 100% response time within 8 seconds, the server resource utilization is reasonable.

Question 1 (4 points): Please indicate the purpose of the load test and the stress test in the performance test respectively.

Question 2 (6 points): Please indicate the key metrics of performance evaluation for application server and database server respectively.

question 3 (3 points): The e-Government platform's "document review" business results in the following table, please specify whether the test results meet the performance requirements.

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Question 4 (5 points): If 60 users concurrently execute "new application" business success rate is 80%, the Application Server memory page exchange rate is 2000page IN/S, the average database server CPU occupancy rate of 100%. Please indicate whether the performance of the business meets the requirements. Assuming that the system middleware and database software are configured correctly, please indicate the possible performance bottlenecks of the system.

Solution Analysis:

Question 1 (4 points)
Examine the concepts of load testing and stress testing.
(1) Load test simulation system real use of the environment to perform performance testing, assessment of the system in daily business operations and peak operation during the performance of whether to meet the needs. (2 points)
(2) The performance limit point of the pressure test simulation system performs the performance test, and the performance bottleneck points of the discovery system are adopted. (2 points)

Question 2 (6 points)

Examine the monitoring metrics of the application server and the database server. There are many monitoring indicators, the key indicators are as follows:
(1) Application Server key metrics: Operating system metrics, cache status, connection pooling, execution queue, and so on. (Give 1 points, up to 3 points for a correct answer)
(2) Database server key metrics: Operating system metrics, buffer hit ratio, CPU time consumed by the database process, amount of memory used by the database process, lock resource usage. (Give 1 points, up to 3 points for a correct answer)

question 3 (3 points, 1 points per article)

Key indicators to determine the principle is:
(1) Response time to follow the 3/5/8 principle, more than 8 seconds is unreasonable;
(2) CPU utilization should be less than 85%;
(3) memory page Exchange Rate page IN/S average cannot be greater than 80; otherwise, there is not enough physical memory. The
analysis of the test results is as follows:
(1) 40 users with a draw response time of 21.4 seconds, more than 8 seconds, does not meet the demand;
(2) 40 users Concurrent database server CPU average occupancy is 91.4%, more than 85%, does not meet demand;
(3) memory page Exchange Rate page IN/S average of 98.8%, more than 80%, does not meet the demand.

Question 4 (5 points)

This paper examines whether the test index is reasonable, and the engineer's preliminary judgment on the bottleneck of the system.
The three bottlenecks that are most likely to exist are listed below.

Business success rate (not up to 100%), Application Memory memory page exchange rate (greater than 80), Database server CPU utilization (greater than 85%) 3 metrics do not meet performance requirements. (The answer is 1 points, up to 3 points, only the unsatisfied to 1 points)

The performance bottlenecks that exist with the system may include:

(1) The application server is running out of physical memory.
(2) The database server has insufficient CPU performance.
(3) Database design problems or not optimized.
(1 points for a correct answer, up to 2 points)

2010 second half of the Software evaluator (PM) questions analysis and Answers-2

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