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Eye view has been to 2012, speaking of Office software you think of Office Microsoft Office series, WPS office?2012 is worth collecting office software both office entertainment and even more functions, you know? Small compilation and a few practical and interesting free office software, even if the female otaku, home can easily office. The end of the world? Do not break the house people at home Easy Office Live fashion!

1, the Network person Remote control software Free Edition

Network person (Netman) remote office software is a very good free remote control software, can quickly connect any two computers can be connected to the Internet, is the best choice for telecommuting. You know, a lot of otaku women have jobs, there is a pursuit, but they love to stay in the house do not go out! So often need telecommuting! The reason for this software in the first place, mainly because the network of people (Netman) remote Office version of the Software as a fashion, but also increasingly become 2012 of otaku female office software necessities. Outside the ground, the house is not vague.

Network person Remote control software Personal Edition download address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/39498.html

You can work at home or in a Starbucks with free wifi in air-conditioned, remotely controlled office computers, without having to spend one hours on the road to work, making a mess; you can get home from work on time, finish the job at home, and don't worry about the files in the company's computer, Internet people can download files at any time on the computer, do not worry about some programs can only run in the office computer, network people can operate the office computer remotely, as you sit in the office. Everything is handled well remember remote shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection.

2, WPS Office 2010 Permanent Free version

In fact, there is no recommendation, everyone on the computer also has Office software, the reason is also to mention the WPS office, because now with notebook computers instead of desktops, the domestic use of genuine system users are more and more, and with Qihoo 360 and other large software manufacturers to launch free software, We can also use a lot of good free genuine software. Whether it's computer security or business ethics, using genuine software is definitely a good habit. Since there are free genuine and easy-to-use software, why use pirated? WPS Office is good for Microsoft Office compatibility, and if your computer is pirated Microsoft Office, try it in a genuine, free WPS Office, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Jinshan wps Office Download Address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/6905.html

3, the powerful app office PDF reading software

Now more and more people like to use the ipad to office, lightweight, fast, anytime. PDF readers are widely used on computers, and now the ipad has an ipad version of PDF reader to solve a lot of trouble for the general office. The software is like a mobile reading master, so that the management of files is no longer a burden, not only to read the PDF file, but also to make the PDF file in person, in the work is absolutely a good assistant.

If the PDF reading software is powerful because it can convert images into PD files, this is not too important. This software is so powerful, it is not only a reader, or a PDF file image Converter, the color of the picture will definitely make you happy. In the Office of the time to encounter such a handy office software, is very practical, but also very convenient.

4, free mail transceiver Tools Flash mail

Most people use email in addition to registering their accounts, and other times do not use email. But for most businesses, email is still essential. NetEase Flash Mail is an excellent email client software developed by NetEase. Can be managed at the same time, including NetEase six mailbox, QQ, Sina, Sohu, Gmail and other mainstream e-mail and enterprise mailboxes, such as a number of mailbox accounts; the original NetEase Proprietary Mail protocol (NMMP Mail protocol), while supporting POP3, IMAP mailbox protocol, providing free full mail services, with easy operation, High-speed mail and large attachments, real-time receiving desktop reminders, fast Full-text Search, Web page and client mail synchronization, mail filtering and archiving functions, but also support the customization of skin, greeting cards and other personalized services, Office users are the preferred mail management software.

NetEase Flash mail Download address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/50819.html

5, translation software Youdao Desktop dictionary

Curtilage people are very lazy, open online Translation Web page is too troublesome. Youdao Desktop is a combination of online search engine technology software. If I did not nonsense, NetEase launched a way of the first loyalty, should be in search engine this big fat, carry forward the Great leap forward period to catch up with the United States spirit of the Premier League, down Google, beyond Baidu, so that Google can only go to copy sogou Pinyin mixed soup to drink, let Baidu know to go trough route is the way out, by bidding rankings to eat. But this is a terrible dream, think about it, don't take it seriously.

Youdao Dictionary Download Address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/42757.html

Although the dream has not become, but NetEase is still small have income, at least Youdao desktop dictionary is successful. Although Google online translation is also very strong, but the premise is online, and many times when we translate is not necessarily online, coupled with a single translation results, can not meet the needs of a variety of interpretations. Youdao online when very strong, not the line is also very strong, and software on the desktop, open that drink, like drinking Pepsi as cool.

6, Sogou Pinyin Input method

In this Wubi user like the brush users are as rare as the era, a fast, convenient, intelligent pinyin input method, like a signed pen as important. From intelligent ABC to purple pinyin, and then to Sogou Pinyin input method, people use pinyin typing faster and faster, now reporters, editors are too lazy to recite the root of the word, learn Wubi.

Sogou Pinyin Input Method download address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/27159.html

This is the most popular online, users the highest rate of praise, the most powerful pinyin input method, as a result of the use of search engine technology, the input speed has a qualitative leap in the breadth of the word library, the accuracy of words, Sogou Input method is far ahead of other input methods, force has always been copied Google, is not ashamed to start a copy of life , the introduction of Sogou Pinyin Input method of the illegitimate child, the software industry Adi Wang-Google Pinyin input method.

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