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The 2013 newest browser charts are as follows:

1, IE browser

The largest number of users in the country is Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser, I believe that everyone is in favor of this view. Small series is also IE browser, than now win8 from the Ie10, I believe that we have tasted fresh, as for how, small series has not been used, but the small series of IE9 or good. I wonder if you feel the same way?

2, Google browser

In addition to the IE browser is believed to use Google Browser is also some, after all, Google has also occupied a large number of Chinese market, after being Baidu to squeeze down, slowly Google also withdrew from the Chinese market, but still have users insist on using Google, For example, some people engaged in network programming and so on will need Google browser to test. Small make up a person thinks the Google browser does also quite good.

3, 360 browser

So have you used 360 browsers? If your computer only installs 360 security guards but still don't know 360 browsers, you can't keep up with the times. Now 360 browsers in the browser to the original high risk plug-in isolation technology, so that the browser and plug-in independent operation, so that your network of travel more secure and more stable. But small weave rarely uses 360 browsers, especially this period of time 360 official has been adjusting, but we only focus on 360 browser is not in line with the user experience, to our users can bring what benefits. The rest is not for us to be around.

4, Firefox browser

For those of you who have learned to write code, you believe that you have used a Firefox browser. He can distinguish the code from a separate class, which helps us to distinguish and write code. Firefox Mobile is a mobile platform based mobile phone and tablet device-specific browser, can surf the internet anytime.

5, QQ Browser

Tencent QQ also factory their own browser, that is, the so-called QQ browser, but the user group is still not much, but the performance aspects of the words should be OK. Because Tencent still attaches great importance to QQ browser. Do a good job of optimizing their browsers and everything else.

Of course, there are some roaming browsers, Sogou browser, etc. is also good. However, these browsers are relatively small in number. And occupy the most user is still a IE browser, followed by Google and Firefox browser.

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