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After a few days of unity Ugui study, in the relevant information found a lot of ngui things, and found Ngui is Ugui of the older generation, and Ugui and Ngui what is different?

The difference between Ugui and Ngui

Ugui's canvas has world coordinates and screen coordinates Ugui the image can be cropped using material Ugui through mask, and Ngui through the panel's clip Ngui before and after the order is through the widget depth, The Ugui render order is rendered at the top level according to the order of the hierarchy. Ugui does not require binding Colliders,ui can automatically intercept the event Ugui anchor is relative to the parent object, does not provide advanced options, personal feeling Ugui The anchor operation is more convenient than Ngui Ugui no atlas, using a sprite. Packer Ugui's navgation in scene can visualize Ugui events need to implement the interface of the event system, but it is easy to write, of course, they have their own advantages and disadvantages Ngui also retains the Atlas, need to maintain the atlas. And Ugui does not have the concept of Atlas, can make full use of resources, avoid duplication of resources. Uigi the concept of Anchor point, more convenient screen adaptive. Ngui supports graphics and text blending, Ugui not found to support this feature. Ugui does not have uiwrap to loop scrollview content.  Ugui temporarily does not have a tween component. Ugui and Ngui have their own merits, we await the perfection of Ugui.

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2013551814 Sixth time operation

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