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2013 New Year's Day holiday just after, the Spring Festival is coming, I believe that the vast number of netizens will not miss the promotion of electric dealers. However, the Outlaws are not idle, do everything possible to lay traps for netizens, tightly staring at everyone's purse. When you are happy to buy your New Year's gifts online, do you remember to upgrade your PC security software?

Recent domestic and foreign major security manufacturers have launched 2013 new version of anti-virus software, including a completely free personal version, in the prevention of phishing has made great progress. The following eight personal version of antivirus software are permanently free, and fully compatible with the Windows mainstream platform.

1. Avira Free Antivirus 2013

Avira (small red umbrella) from Germany, is one of the most popular basic virus scanning software in the world. Avira use of efficient heuristic scanning, killing ability is beyond doubt, in the system scanning, real-time protection, performance is not lost to the well-known paid anti-virus software, and the domestic known 360 anti-virus, QQ computer Butler has integrated its killing engine. In addition to blocking all types of malware, you can prevent advertising companies from tracking your Internet activities!

At present, foreign mainstream anti-virus software support Chinese interface, small red umbrella is no exception. and the program interface design is simple and clear, users can easily understand the settings. The only regret is that occasionally pop-up ads, if you are completely unacceptable to this behavior, directly to see the next bar.

In addition, forget the Little Red umbrella on the Mac platform also launched a free antivirus avira.

2. avast! Free Antivirus 7

"Avast!" is a decades-old anti-virus software, in the foreign market for a long time in the leading position. Free version of the avast! Free Antivirus uses the Cloud Virus library technology, can receive the virus characteristic code in real time, discovers the newest virus instantly. File reputation System filerep ensure file security, the latest protection features: automatic sandbox, browser sandbox, web site detection and so on.

"Avast!" One of the main features of the operation of the interface is quite beautiful, not like the general killing soft interface so stiff, and a large number of skin for you to choose, so that you can arbitrarily create personalized "avast!." Simple user interface, low system resource footprint, fast HDD scan and efficient antivirus, "avast!" is indeed an anti-virus software in the elderly.

3. AVG Antivirus Permanent free version 2013

Avg and the front "avast!" are excellent anti-virus software from the Czech Republic, the world's top antivirus software ranked third in 07, household names in Europe and America. AVG Antivirus Free 2013 is an effective solution for a new generation of security threats that are spread over the Internet. Ensure your data is secure, protect your privacy, and withstand threats from spyware, adware, Trojans, dialer, keylogger, and worms. Advanced scanning and detection methods and state-of-the-art technology.

Avg consumes a small resource, does not slow down the computer, and AVG accelerates scanning, game mode, and intelligent scanning to achieve the best balance of system performance and security in different situations.

4. Computer Butler 7.3 Official version (2 in 1 antivirus version)

As you know, the computer butler used to be a purely system-aided software, but now we have to rethink it. Starting from the 7.0 version, the computer Butler transformed into a professional anti-virus and system-assisted two-in-combination security software. Computer Butler 7.3 Official version (two in a virus version), Integrated butler cloud killing engine and small red umbrella local killing engine, with inferior to antivirus software + auxiliary software protection capabilities. In the recent Av-test test, the computer Butler was among the top achievers.

Computer Butler will antivirus and management two major functions into one, become a security application of a major breakthrough. Tencent is not the antivirus and management of two security functions to simply package, but to achieve the technology of the bottom of the fusion. For users, only need to install a computer housekeeper, can meet the antivirus and management of two core user needs.

Computer Butler in the fight against malicious URLs, anti-phishing, fraud, has more than more than 10 years of accumulation and mature operating experience, as well as the country's largest malicious Web site database, has with the Chinese anti-fishing alliance, Baidu, Alipay, etc. to provide malicious Web site identification and interception services for Internet users security provides a strong guarantee.

5. Rising anti-virus software V16

Domestic anti-virus software leader Rising, still adhere to the development of independent virus killing engine. Rising intelligent virtualization engine, significantly improve the Trojan, backdoor, worms and other killing rate, and significantly improve the speed of anti-virus. "Intelligent Cloud Security" technology for the Internet, a large number of malicious viruses, horse sites and fishing sites, can be automated collection, analysis, processing, perfect block Trojan attack, hacker intrusion and network fraud, to provide users with intelligent Internet security solutions.

The latest version is based on the new concept of development, the integration of Internet security services to new changes, the pursuit of the ultimate visual effects and the smallest resource footprint, to provide the best user experience. The new version of antivirus software provides system core reinforcement, Trojan defense, U disk protection, browser protection and Office software protection, provide real-time monitoring of files and mails, and a series of practical security tools.

6.360 Antivirus v4.0

When it comes to free, it's natural to think of 360 of the country's precedent. 360 Antivirus using independent research and development of the second generation of QVM engine, based on artificial intelligence algorithm, with "self-learning, self-evolution" of the ability of the new Trojan virus has a better defensive effect. In addition, 360 antivirus integrated small red umbrella and bit Vatican two well-known anti-virus engine, killing ability is further enhanced.

360 Antivirus "cloud move" interface refreshing and concise, the resource occupancy is very small, running very quiet. With 360 security guards "cloud killing", do not give virus Trojan leave any hiding place.

7. Jinshan New Poison PA (Wu empty) SP1.5

Old anti-virus manufacturers Jinshan has been praised by the people. Jinshan Poison PA is a cloud security intelligence sweeps anti-virus software, fuses the heuristic search, the code analysis, the virtual machine searches the toxin and so on the mature reliable anti-virus technology. Jinshan Poison tyrants Set virus firewall real-time monitoring, compression file search, killing e-mail virus and many other advanced functions in a body. It has reached advanced level in many aspects, such as killing virus type, killing virus speed, unknown virus control and so on.

New Poison PA (Goku) 2013 the latest upgrade version. The Poison Tyrant (Goku) realizes the "whole platform, the whole engine, the comprehensive net buys protects" the new generation security matrix. KSC engine killing all kinds of popular Trojan virus, new KVM cloud-inspired engine to enhance the identification of unknown viruses. In addition, the Poison PA (Wukong) also integrates the vulnerability scanning and the Safe application Hundred treasure box, provides the comprehensive security protection for the system. System occupancy continues the lightweight card machine features, the system occupies low.

8. Comodo Antivirus

Comodo (ke mo More, commonly known as "green Beans") is an American information security company, its products involve a wide range, including digital certificates, security software and security surrounding software. There are also a lot of free products, including a free version in the Security suite.

Comodo Anti-Virus software intelligent protection can proactively intercept unknown threats, automatically update current virus protection, operate a simple user interface allows you to perform and ignore the annoying advertising window or error alarm, isolate all suspicious files, eliminate computer infection opportunities. Defense+ technology protects you all the time.

Perhaps people prefer Comodo firewall products, but do not forget Comodo Antivirus is also excellent oh.

For individual users, the free anti-virus software provides the basic protection is enough to protect our system. However, because the anti-virus software can not find all the damage, so everyone in peacetime to develop a good habit of use more important, do not easily download the unknown program, do not open a stranger to the mail attachment, timely patching to the system and so on.

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