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A useful jquery library is a familiar phrase between designers and developers. This is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in the Internet today. Every designer and developer should be aware of its importance and be familiar with its functionality and characteristics.

jquery can almost solve all the problems of a website it can be from doing an attractive and creative website to solve all the problems that hinder you if you want to solve any cross-browser problems, you must bookmark the JavaScript function library

The jquery library is an important source of web developers. You will find that many of the internet jquery Plug-ins are free to use, but discovering these excellent jquery plug-ins requires you to spend a lot of time through many sites to learn about the latest and most popular jquery libraries.

So, in today's article, we've collected a number of jquery libraries that are best suited for use in your site. You can use them to add cool effects to your site.

1. treed

Treed can be used as a tree editor on your site. It is extensible, customizable, powerful and very easy to use plug-ins.

2. JQuery Vibrate

This is specifically built for mobile devices. It allows the developer to vibrate any device at a specific time period.

3. Flight indicators

This is a very easy to use plugin. You can use Html,css3,jquery and SVG images to display high quality flight metrics.

4. JQuery Lightslider

Lightslider can provide adaptive and tactile content sliders for your site. With a slide and fade effect, it is compatible with all major browsers.

5. JQuery goup!

This is a very simple and easy to use plug-in. It allows your site visitors to return directly to the top of the page click.

6. Image Cropper

This jquery plugin allows you to crop images on the site. It also offers a few options and previews. You can also set the height and width.

7. Devrama Slider

Devrama is an adaptive image slider plugin. Supports picture and HTML content. And with a variety of transition effects.

8. Jqfader

Jqfader is a very simple plugin that allows the elements of the site to fade out of effect. The style is simple and easy to use, very suitable for your website.

9. Forkit

Forkit.js is a jquery plug-in that displays animated ribbons that can bring additional surprises to visitors. It is usually placed in the upper-right corner.

Vertical News Slider

As the name implies, it's a jquery-and CSS3 slider that shows the options for previewing the news headlines on the left and briefly summarizing them.

Looking for

This is a jquery plugin that allows you to search for text on a list item on a page, and it also hides items that don't match.

Browser Swipe

This plugin allows you to scroll the event by disabling the touch pad swipe on the site. Control its response according to the mouse wheel and up and down scrolling.

Chicken Dinner

Chickendinner is a unique jquery plugin. It allows images to be loaded randomly from the client array through an image tag or background.

Flicker Plate

This is an adaptive and easy to use jquery plugin. It lets you page through a page to browse the content on the Web.


Do you want to convert SVG images to PNG? Use this simple jquery library. If your browser does not support SVG format, it can search for SVG images on your site and convert them to PNG images.


This jquery plugin is used to delay loading YouTube video. At the first load, the grid will be replaced with a video preview picture, which will be played automatically when clicked.


With this plugin, when the content scrolls down to a specific location, you can control different interaction elements with the user, animation cool, and so on.


Rowgrid is a jquery plugin that puts pictures or other elements in a straight line on your site. This is a small and easy-to-use tool.


This jquery plug-in is used for hashing trace and declarative status symbols. It is adaptive, flat, and easy to customize the plugin.

Panorama Viewer

This is a very useful jquery plugin. It allows you to insert panoramic photos on the site to show more unique sensations.


This is a jquery plugin that is very familiar to developers. When any text is associated with the user, the text that is typed above is displayed when the placeholder value moves up.


This is a very useful jquery plugin. It replicates and enhances the way it links to larger resolution images to see the Medium Fluid light box module.


Headroom.js can help you keep the main content of your site close to the user's main navigation. When the Web site scrolls down, it retracts automatically, and it automatically displays when scrolling up.


A-slider is an adaptive simple slider that also supports audio and is very easy to use and can be highly configurable using HTML features.


This is the Coverflow project that allows you to create a full-featured "coverflow" effect by combining the UI components of jquery with the CSS3 style.

Note: Cover flow is the way Apple pioneered the cover of multiple songs in the form of a graphical interface.

-JQuery Urlive

This jquery plugin is very similar to the attachment feature of the Facebook post. It allows you to create a real-time preview of any URL based on its open graphics properties.


This plugin allows the Web application to load only the images within those windows. There can be different versions of the images in four different screen sizes.

JQuery Collapser

This jquery plugin allows you to use text, characters, and lines to flexibly fold the text of an element. It has a variety of functions to implement the folding function of a paragraph.

Parallax Imagescroll

This plugin can create an image of the parallax effect. It is simple to use and offers a number of options for modification. You can also use animation and CSS3 styles.

Block Scroll

This jquery plugin breaks a better display of a small part of the page. Make the entire page fit automatically by displaying the element as a screen at a time.

Full Page Image Slideshow

The entire page is allowed to automatically expand the image slide of the jquery plugin, automatically filling the monitor. Images can be magnified and narrowed into the field of vision.


Easytree is a jquery plugin used to design a tree-shaped menu of UL lists or JSON on your website. It is very easy to use and is completely free for all people.


Mapsed can make it easy for you to choose places on the map. You can also add and edit customizations where you can make up for the Google Places API.

Radiant Scroller

With this jquery plugin, you can create a scrolling effect with an automatic response using grid and horizontal layout. It can be modified with various options and some API methods.

Image Lightbox

This is a small plug-in for image light box effect only. It is extremely simple without the title and navigation buttons. It responds sensitively, touches friendly, and is applied to all major mobile operating systems.


This jquery plugin is very simple and easy to use. You can use the advantages of pagination and sorting to create HTML pages from JSON data. You can also hide columns.

Panax Imagefit.

This is a very handy jquery plugin for developers. It's simple and lightweight. It allows you to apply images anywhere on the site in any way.

Bootstrap Validator

This jquery plugin is useful when you want to create a Web site with validation options. It has many built-in options. It's easy to use and understand.

Resize End Plugin

This is a useful plug-in for resizing the browser window after loading. You can easily handle or adjust the completed events.

Adaptive backgrounds

This is a jquery plug-in used to extract the most appropriate color from the image and applies it to the background of its parent element.


This is a custom-customizable mailchimp jquery plugin. Using AJAX provides a simple way for users to log on to the MailChimp list.

Password Peekaboo

This jquery plugin is used to temporarily display the password field if the user wants to see it. Users can see their passwords and hide-and-seek functions.


This jquery plugin implements an optional list of items through the mouse and keyboard. You can use a different Web application with a widget like a menu widget and a pull-down menu.


This jquery plugin is used to play or demonstrate the creation of custom Sudoku layouts. It's adaptive. The theme color is also very beautiful.

Elevate Zoom

This jquery plugin allows you to create an image scaling interface. It is highly customizable and easy to use on your site. For best results, use two images.


This plugin is useful for designing your public service bulletin. You can show your work and use this plugin to keep your visitors focused on your work.

Form AutoFill

This jquery plug-in is useful for web developers. This is a simple blank form that automatically fills in data. It's also very easy to use for programmers.

Image Map Resize

This plugin allows you to maintain an HTML image map that scales to the size of the image. When the window size changes, it updates the coordinates of the image map.

JQuery Full Screen Nav

This jquery plugin implements a <nav> menu that covers the entire screen, while it calculates the size of the window when the page loads and adjusts the size of the link.


This jquery plugin allows you to fill in your site link and click on the link to see the site preview picture.


In this article, we share some useful jquery libraries that you can use on your site to solve any problem. We hope that all of these plug-ins can enhance your site performance and bring a good experience to the user. All of these jquery plug-ins are very useful and creative to make your site look better.

If you think we've missed out on some good plug-ins, of course you can add your favorite jquery plugin to this list so that all other designers and developers can also use it on their site. You can do this by simply providing your favorite jquery plugin in the comments below.

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