2014 GDG Xi'an -- devfest Season1

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On July 6, September 21 this year, GDG Xi'an organized the first season of the event with Android Wear as its special topic. Grape city held the event with a superb office environment and network promotion. The following is a report via text and text. We hope that there will not be too many regrets for those who fail to participate as scheduled:

Welcome to grapecity, again!

With the advent of the golden autumn season, the annual devfest season has arrived: The Great Lawn of uguicheng. Employees can perform class exercises in the afternoon and enjoy outdoor barbecues in the summer.

Grape city's elegant office environment is a very stylish company...

Complimentary gift, including glasscup, T-shirt, notebook, lunch and various desserts ....

Small advertisement pass by: Grape city control Introduction Information and free trial software...

Enthusiastic female volunteers use cameras to record beautiful moments for everyone. for Community Development: stool, I step on!

Happy GDG Xi 'an points at the helm @ mainong David, left hangouts and right chrome, leaving a close-up for a souvenir, haha...


The host invited the lecturer to play: When I heard of my sister, everyone looked back!

Angularjs entry-level technical explanation: this R & D Girl is a little shy ~~~ Angularjs entry-Zhang Xiaozhu

Angularjs illustration on the tall

What is the host watching? Haha, you know (& * @ # [email protected] # ($ *


Technical personnel from all walks of life who are dedicated to learning !!!!

Of course, one of the students in the camera was too happy to close their mouths.

In short, my sister is very attractive about technology. I am talking about technology!

Web wind direction-Zhang sicchu, Senior Web architect of grape city-parent site of GSD children's English.

Once again, let's listen to Mr. Luo's quotations:

"When I attended lectures elsewhere, I couldn't remember the things at all, but I couldn't blame you for not recording them clearly. This is the characteristic of mankind. It's a vivid, vivid conversation ."

Wijimo, Cordova-Zhang wenqing, grape city control front-end Daniel ~~~ The source code for this activity has been uploaded: OSC git

Mobile First @/W wijmo 5

Real-time multimedia communication between webtrc and freeswitch

Friends who have not seen each other for many years have met each other and are excited and taking a group photo.

Sign and give it to loyal fans.

GDG devfest provides a different learning experience !!!

Whether you are a technical cool or a novice cainiao, come here as long as you love coding. That's right...

The host sat quietly and thoughtfully in the background between guests: drinks, ice peaks, or mineral water?

At noon, a delicious lunch is free of charge.

More than 60 developers participated in the event. They took a group photo and made good memories.

Although the Conference is over, we are not doing anything ~~~ We are looking forward to coming back next time...

Are you ready ....



  • GDG, according to David claimed "Guo Degang community", in fact the full name of Google developer group, is an open source, positive community http://gdgxian.org
  • Grapecity: the world's largest control provider and Microsoft-certified gold partner. It owns componentone, spread, activereports, wijmo, and other control products.
  • According to our enthusiastic response, GDG Xi'an will host the second season of the polymer special event in the next two or three months.

2014 GDG Xi'an -- devfest Season1

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