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The new Tp-link wireless router Setup method differs from the old Tp-link router setting method, the landing address is no longer a but is replaced by tplogin.cn, and the login account and password also have a change.

  First, the preparatory work:

1, the first is the installation of routers, mainly the router is connected to power, and power, and then the network cable Connection. If you are a dial-up Internet user, plug the network cable from the cat into one of the most specific WLAN ports on the Tp-link router (colors are different), the other four LAN ports (four ports are the same color), and you can connect to any computer. If you are a user of fiber optic Internet (no cats), plug the network cable into one of the most specific WLAN ports, and the other four LAN ports are used to connect to the computer.

2. If you have previously set up a computer local IP address friends, please first change the IP address to automatically obtain

  Second, 2014 new Tp-link Wireless Router Setup tutorial (XP, WIN7/8/10 user general)

The first step: first open the browser, and then enter tplogin.cn in the Address bar, and then the keyboard on the return key to confirm the login interface, then we need to set up a new router management password, completed, click on the bottom of the "OK"

Note: The new Tp-link router is no longer the admin default account and password, the initial setting requires users to create a router management password, users need to properly manage, it will be used for future landing router management.

The second step: After creating the router login password, next will enter everybody more familiar old edition router setting center, the initial use, we directly click "The Setup Wizard" dialog box below "Next".

Third: The next step will go to the "Set wizard-Internet access" option, if the dial-up users, please select "PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up)", if not sure of their own broadband type, the default choice of "Let the router automatically choose the Internet Mode" can, then click "Next"

If you choose to "let the router automatically choose the way to access the Internet," will automatically detect your online way, we wait for its detection to complete it

Fourth step: Most of the family friends of the Internet Way is PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up) way, after detection, automatically enter the following "Setup Wizard-pppoe" Settings interface, here we need to fill in the Internet account and password, after completion, click on the next side of the "Next"

Note: Internet account and password is the network provider to our broadband account password, if you have forgotten or not clear, please contact your network service provider to obtain account password, please carefully fill in your broadband account and password, if you fill in the wrong, will cause the router can not connect the network.

Fifth step: After the Internet setup is complete, next will enter the following "Setup Wizard-Wireless Settings" interface, where the SSID refers to the wireless network name, we can not fill out the default, or fill in the name of their favorite. Next, the wireless router must be set up a wireless password, where you need to tick the "WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK", and then after the PSK password, fill in the WiFi wireless password can be completed, the same click on the next step

Note: The PSK password is filled in WiFi wireless network password, the future notebook/flat/Smartphone connection wireless network, need to use this password, please remember properly. In addition, if you do not need to turn on WiFi wireless network, select "Do Not start wireless security".

The sixth step: After the next, entered the Tp-link wireless router set the last step, to here that the wireless router has been set up, directly click the "Restart" router, the beginning of the entry into force, supporting the router setup is completed.

Through the above six steps, we have completed the Tp-link wireless router setting, so that our computer can open the Internet journey, notebook/tablet/mobile users can also connect to the wireless network we have just created

Compared to the old Tp-link wireless router settings are not very different, the main default landing address from to tplogin.cn, and also canceled the default router management account password for admin, this way changes, mainly in order to enhance the security of wireless routers.

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