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Excited do not know what to say good, small make up Pat breast conscience recommendation, each is personally experienced, really super praise! Even if the site read hundreds of thousands, also never seen so cool to cry, technology and design are super-class level! In a word, it's not good for you to beat me.

Students, tens of millions of Google or Firefox, measured 360 can not feel.

Mikkel Bang

Opening the first Web site is a surprise to sit on the ground. 360° all-round visual feeling, as you drag, even have the effect of the naked eye 3D!! It's Iron Man! Not only is the technical master, the author of the wind is also very distinctive, strange abstract painting, you can point into the guitar, take you to travel to another world!

 Highway One Road Trip

The website's animation is the special place, the creativity is also very good, especially in the last saw a banner to write "congratulates the Rich", smiled aloud, left also has the lion dance performance, the author is the Chinese designer? or China fan?

 Alee Foroughi

The designer will triangle play superb, pull down from the home page, a whole screen is triangular split, but will not be sharp, but full of design sense and fashion wind, creative big praise!


The beauty is unable to extricate oneself! After reading this website, deeply realized that those a long picture recruitment all weak burst! The website is the popular polygon style + disparity scroll, the designer's color control is too beautiful, the line crosses, the color flashes, minute all wants to marry this company.

Attach similar polygon-style planets: "Ps+ai Tutorial!" teach you how to build a low polygon galaxy poster

  Igor Solovey

The first time to see such a dazzling designer personal website!! The action is super, the originality of the display works is quite different, do you want to recruit in after reading?!

Irregular noise


  Wilson sideral

Letters. Inc

 Art Label Project

  Vintage Productions

  Rogue Society

This special note, 18-year-old banned!!




 Kenji Endo

  Travel in History of Art4web

  Guggenheim Zero

Tomas Bata University in Zlin


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