"2014 latest" IOS App submission on-shelf store detailed process

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"2014 latest" IOS App submission on-shelf store detailed process

First, the export of certificates

1.1. Pre-work

First you need to have an Apple developer account, a Mac system.

If you do not have an account you can open http://developer.apple.com/to apply for Apple developer program. Pay $99 per year, how to apply online has a detailed introduction, not much to do in this introduction.

If you already have an IDP, open http://developer.apple.com/and log in to Apple Membercenter, see below:

After logging in you can see the following interface, listing some of the tools you need to develop, support, itunes app management and other content.

Select the second item: Ios provisioning Portal, enter, all certificates related are done here.

1.2. Application for AppID

Select App IDs on the left, we'll start with a appid, there's a unique AppID for the program you want to publish to AppStore, and all of your current AppID are listed below.

We click on the new App ID in the top right corner:

There are two items that you need to fill out yourself:

The first description, to describe your appid, this casually fill, no restrictions;

The second bundle Identifier (App ID Suffix), which is your appid suffix, this needs to be carefully.

Because this content and your program directly related, many places to use, preferably com.yourcompany.yourappname format, of course, no company name of the individual developers, the second can be used in your own English name or pinyin, such as:

Appcan.cn the Iapp IDs that you need to fill out when compiling the online IPA package is the second item you enter here.

After completing the submit, for example, you can see the Appid:ebook AppID we have generated. To support push services and icould, etc. can also be configured here:

1.3, apply for publishing certificate 1.3.1, first create a certificate request file

A Mac system is needed here. The following is a snow leopard system, for example, the other version is not very big difference.

First open the application-utilities-keychain access (key CHAIN), in the Certificate assistant, select "Request a certificate from a certification authority" such as:

In the interface shown, your email address: Fill in your application for IDP email address, common name, default is OK, CA empty, choose Storage to disk, click "Continue":

Choose a location to save, such as choosing a desktop.

Next click Finish, you can see that your desktop has more than one Certificatesigningrequest.certsigningrequest certificate request file.

1.3.2, installing WWDR Certificate

To continue logging into your member CENTER, select the certificates item on the left, you can see that it has four options on the right, we select distribution, click here for download now.

After the download is complete, double-click the installation, after the installation is successful, you can see this intermediate certificate under the certificate in your keychain.

1.3.3, requesting a publishing certificate

OK, now to request a real release certificate, or on this page, click on request Certificate:

This page tells you how to generate a publishing certificate, click "Choose File" below, select the certificate request file you created in the first step, then click "Submit":

Ok. Now you have a certificate you can download, such as (Can not download please refresh the page):

1.3.4, installation, and export

Click "Download" To download the certificate you generated, double-click Install after download, if you have the following prompt, select Login,ok:

Then look at your keychain, there should be the following line of the iphone distribution certificate, note that this certificate has a small triangle can be clicked, expanded to have a corresponding key. If you do not have this key, then please check the above step to do wrong.

Now that the release certificate has been installed, we select this certificate, right click, select, Export "xxxxxxx", as follows:

Give me a name for the certificate you want to export, select a location to save, and note that the information exchange file saved as P12

Enter your password, and you will be asked to enter your system password later if your Mac system has a password.

Now you have the P12 file you need to publish your program.

appcan.cn Online IPA Package Compile the DISTRIBUTION.P12 that you need to upload is the publishing certificate you exported, certificate password is the password that was filled in when the certificate was exported.

1.4. Generate provisioning File

Select the provisioning option on the left, and select distribution in the same subkey on the right to generate a published prepared file:

Select New profile, in the first method, select the app Store;

Profile name, this random, the app ID below, select the AppID we created when we started, this must be the same. Submit after confirmation:

Wait a few seconds, provisioning can download, click Download, download. We got a xxxxxx.mobileprovision.

appcan.cn Online IPA Package Compile the distribution.mobileprovision you need to upload is the file you generated.

Now that the preparation of our certificate is done, we have a appid, a p12 format certificate file, a provisioning file.

Second, appcan.cn online IPA package compilation

According to the certificate and P12 file produced by the process, the developer can correspond to the mixed, thus produce the IPA package that can upload AppStore, the process is as follows:

Appcan Online Packaging Method (non-IDE packaging), users need to build an app to choose to build the iOS platform, check the pop-up window:

You will need to fill in the eligibility information for uploading an Apple developer's published application (please refer to the export of the certificate for details) and confirm the submission. Be sure to fill in the correct or the package will fail.

After uploading the relevant qualification information, the "note" Submission package is used to upload to the Apple app Store can not be installed directly to the mobile phone test

Q: How do I upload to the app Store after a successful package?
A: Download the. IPA file locally and change the file suffix. IPA is. zip. (Please refer to the IPA package to submit the Apple app Store)

Q: How do I install the test on my jailbreak phone after packaging is complete?
a:1, download the. IPA file locally, change the file suffix. IPA to. zip and unzip the package,
2. Create New payload folder,
3. Unzip the folder inside the ZIP package into the payload folder.
4. Compress the payload folder to. zip file package, change the. zip suffix to. IPA
5. Install to mobile phone

After jumping the installation package can be installed directly to the jailbreak phone.

Third, the IPA package submitted to the Apple app Store

After Appcan online with the developer certificate, the generated IPA package (suffix. IPA to. zip) can be uploaded to the Apple AppStore, the following is the operation process.

3.1. Create a program in itunes

This section continues with the Snow Leopard system as an example

Open https://itunesconnect.apple.com/(can also be found in Membercenter) select "Manage Your Applications":

Click "Add New App" to fill out the form below.

The default language, Appname,sku number, which is the identity of your own program, click on the "? "There are instructions. Bundle ID: This can be selected and must be consistent with the AppID you apply for the certificate. Otherwise it will fail to upload.

After filling out, click "Continue".

This page sets the program's effective time and price, after selecting, click "Continue".

The page needs to fill in some program information, note "Review notes (optional)" This option is a description of the Apple Review program, if your program needs to log in to use, to provide a user name and password here, if you have some features of the program is very obscure, Here are the steps you can take, which are what Apple's review people see, and they don't show up in the App Store.

The page is a description of some ratings, select as needed:

Here is metadata, this may be very important, note that keywords, the more you set your program to be searched, but preferably not more than 100 words, otherwise it may be considered cheating by Apple. Large app icon This requires a 1024x1024 icon. Screenshots is a screen or descriptive picture.

When done, create an app, click "View Detail" and select "Ready to Upload Binary". At this point your app shows a yellow wait for upload, which means you can upload your binary code. Such as:

3.2. Uploading programs

Upload the program please find the Application Uploader tool under your Mac system, can not find the download here. xcode4.x integrates the tool into Xcode.

After installing the tool under Mac, run, if it is the first time, you may need to log in with your own IDP account (will be saved in the keychain later), log in will automatically check if you have to wait for the upload status of the app, select you create a good app, such as:

Click on the "Next" button:

Click "Choose" button, select the IPA package you compiled from the Appcan online, modify the. IPA suffix to. zip, do not open the contents of the modified package (including adding and deleting files such as resource pictures), otherwise it will fail to upload.

Click "Send" button, wait for upload, upload completed, open itunesconnect, this time your program status changed to "Upload received", the program into the first step of Apple audit. The first step is to audit a few minutes to several hours. After the first step of the audit, the program status changed to "Wait for review", at this time the program entered the status of waiting for human audit, about 4 days to 2 weeks is the state, until the queue to your program, the program into the "in Review" state, if your program does not have the content of the problem, Comply with Apple's audit standards, then the audit success, your program's status changed to green "ready for Sale", if the audit failed, the program status changed to Red "rejected".

Each step of the upload process fails the apple will email you, or you can see a detailed failure message at resolution Center.

You can find it in the AppStore when your program becomes a "ready for sale" state. This concludes the upload. You'll be able to find your app in AppStore with your iOS device.

"2014 latest" IOS App submission on-shelf store detailed process

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