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the latest November 2014 list of "My favorite programming languages". This list clearly reflects the prevalence of various programming languages in different countries and regions of the country and abroad, and can provide a reference for software engineers and other people in the industry.

Unlike the Tiobe rankings, the rankings are not based on indirect approaches, such as search engines, but from the November survey of more than 56,000 software engineers. The survey option is a single selection, and each participant can only choose one of their favorite programming languages.

I. Domestic statistics.

Domestic data are derived from the statistics of codeforge.cn users. First, let's look at the country-wide situation:

Compared with the previous months ' statistical data, in the November statistics, C + + and C are still the top two in the lead in other programming languages, and the two are the most popular programming languages for programmers in the country (or the largest number of people in C + + and C programming).

Java and C # are also popular, ranked third and fourth (C # has dropped slightly to fourth in this month, Java has risen slightly to third place), and the place of precedence is exchanged.

MATLAB because of its advantages in mathematical calculation and simulation and easy to learn and easy to use characteristics, by the University and Research Institute of the People's favorite, but also a lot of software engineers to verify the first choice of algorithm tools. Objective-c, which has been stimulated by the development of iOS programs, has attracted a large number of program developers to work on coding, but it is not outstanding in the popularity rankings.

However, compared with the previous statistical data, Objective-c showed an upward trend. The extremely popular Delphi is still ranked among the list, but the data has been declining trend.

Take a look at the survey of users surveyed from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

In different regions, programming languages are slightly different in popularity. C + + and C are ranked in the top two in all four cities.

and slightly different is, in the North wide, C + + favored by the leading C language, while in Shenzhen, the opposite, C language is more popular. To a certain extent, this reflects the Shenzhen hardware and embedded related industries (perhaps the mobile phone industry?) Developed, the need for more systems and embedded developers.

And the popularity of MATLAB in Shenzhen, significantly lower than several other cities, but also part of the reaction of Shenzhen due to fewer universities and research institutes, so the atmosphere of academic and research is obviously inferior to other cities.

Ii. statistics outside the Territory

Statistics for users of overseas data sources.

On a global scale, c,c++ and Matlab are ranked top of the list, ranking three. In the United States where it innovation is most active, C + + is better than C, and in the software outsourcing big India, C and Java are popular.

In manufacturing-developed Taiwan and South Korea, the C language is popular. Matlab in these countries and regions, are ranked in the top three, of which, in the second place in India, which is a few countries and regions developed education and scientific research system is inseparable.

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