2014 Sinsing full interpretation of HTML section Fifth

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If the reader is a background developer, then you will definitely know what the form is, here we introduce the foreground how to use the form, the use of the form is also we have to write a Web page must go through, and, the form is often our site's vulnerabilities and weaknesses appear.

Form *************

1. The so-called form is a region containing form elements, so-called form elements, which can be text boxes for entering text, a password box for entering passwords, a variety of drop-down boxes, and possibly a radio box and check box.

2. Forms usually need to define a method, represented by the attribute method, which represents the method that we submit the data to the server behind the scenes, generally, methods have get and post two ways, if it is a get method of submission, then the form of data can appear in the URL, The Post method is more secure and will not appear in the URL.

3. The form usually also needs to define an action property, its property value is the server background processing script, server background can be written in PHP, can be used in Java, but also with Python, and so on, this is really difficult to say.

Table cell Element ****************

1. The so-called form element, usually we use the input tag to represent, that is, the import tag, which is also an empty label, it does not correspond to the end tag, we specify its Type property to make the form element has different functions.

2. For example, we can specify the Type property as text, then it represents a text input box.

3. For example, we can specify the type of the property is password, then it represents a password input box, in fact, the Password input box and text input box very much like, if not to say the difference, that is its display is particularly single, we can not from its display information to obtain the content of the password.

4. We can set the radio to a single box by specifying the Type property, which needs to pass a Value property indicating how much value is passed to the background when we select the Radio box.

5. We can also set the checkbox to a check box by specifying the Type property, which can be selected at the same time.

6. Our form needs to be submitted to the spooler, at which point we define a type of submit, and it can also accept a Value property to specify the display text information for the button.

Name Property ***************

1. We mentioned that the form can have the input tag, and the input form can have a Name property, which means that when we submit the data to the background, to distinguish between the content, such as when we put a form of data submitted to the background of PHP to process, the name of the value is $_ The subscript for the post array.

2. When we click on the type to submit, it submits the form and sends the data in the past.

3. Here is the code that defines a form:

<formAction= "reg.php"Method= "POST">Account Number:<inputname= "userid"type= "text" /><BR/>Password:<inputname= "pwd"type= "Password" /><BR/>    <inputtype= "Submit"value= "Login" /></form>

Summary **************

1. Here we define the form, which is easy to understand if the reader has a server-side language such as Java or PHP.

2. If the reader does not have a background basis, it may be a bit difficult, it is recommended to study the front desk friends to study the background of knowledge, after all, the combination of the two are close.

2014 Sinsing full interpretation of HTML section Fifth

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