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1. New Year's Day is the first choice. Aspire to good popularity, smile every day. Health often accompanies, diet plus exercise. Good luck in horse, Happy New Year's day. Wish: Happy New Year!

2, the distance can not be stopped, missing sailing boat has already set sail, a foreign land you are Ankang? New Year's greetings to sincerely send the blessing: May you bask in the happiness of the Chaoyang, happy singing moments Loud and sound, 2014 to achieve all the dreams!

3, the first day of 2014, make the first wish, close your eyes, palms together, meditation in mind, dream come true. There is a hope of life is happy, there is a vision of the day is a surprise. Happy New Year!

4, the text short, affection long, New Year's greetings pass miss, although far, also misses, wishes you to be joyful in the New Year's Day, joyful repeatedly, the joyful dance, the happiness accompanies in your side, the good dream is long, the friendship is deep, wishes you 2014 more forward!

5, 2014 to come, let all the sad Earth, set off a happy wave, the storm of good luck, under the auspicious rainstorm, let the happy earthquake more violent! Happy New Year!

6, 2013 to finish, please put down a year of tiredness, abandon all troubles, discard all misfortune, energetic with happiness, holding good luck, back on the health, happy to move towards 2014, I wish a happy New Year!

7, please bring the Mona Lisa Smile, Sister Feng's self-confidence, to 2014 to harvest the wealth of gates, Obama's status, Liu Xiang speed of happiness index, wish you a Happy New Year peace and good luck!

8, 2014 I found a strange phenomenon, I often send text messages to people, especially those who send blessings on New Year's Day, in the near future made the following things: Lottery won, business talk, the cause of success, ladder, the mood is comfortable, family harmony, health, Good luck, love success, New Year's Day is coming, let me remind you.

9, 2014, good luck to the troubled days open, lonely earth grin, happy flood surging, health mist will not spread, lucky Olive branch to sow money. New Year's day arrives, wish the good luck accompanies joyful joyful!

10, the house, car, ticket, happy to live; Micro-letter , MMS , flying, not as good as greeting small text messages, golden eggs, silver eggs, eggs, not as happy as the New Year's Day. Wish you horse New Year's Day, happiness.

2014 New Year Blessings SMS: Drink hurt stomach, gift wrong, phone too much, only a message blessing and precious.

Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, confidence is the best character, care is the most sincere greetings, concern is the most selfless thoughts, blessings are the most beautiful words. Wish you a happy New Year! Peace and happiness!

A songs, affection leisurely, a brigade, everlasting, a group of comrades, intimate hand, a military salute, feeling Chung heart; a message, send greetings: Wish Comrades Happy New Year!

Mountains can block the sky, but can't stop deep miss, Jingwei can pull away, but can't resist the sincere emotion; years can pass in China, friends will be close. The Spring Festival comes to send my blessing the piece!

Text message came, received the person of success, reading people work smoothly, store people love sweet, forwarding people a good luck, delete people are still lucky, I wish you every day good!

2014 New Year Blessings SMS: Spring Festival, New Year early: a worship of the whole family good, two worship difficult, three worship not to grow old, five worship children filial piety, six worship happiness around, seven worship sad throw, eight worship high income, nine worship safe cover;

How long can a cloud float? How long can a flower bloom? How long will a bouquet of flowers last? If you ask me how long I can bless you, I say: "How long heart, how long will you bless you!"

Meet is a melodious song, the acquaintance is a cup mellow wine, get along with the South flying Geese, know is the root of the ancient vines, the calm will always silently bless you, may happiness and peace with you sweet honey of life. Good mood in the New Year!

Annual Eve, cheers constantly, telephone interruption, many inconvenience, SMS greetings, my wish, I wish your family, health, life, happiness, the next year to make more money, to avoid busy!

Spring Festival is coming, I use the blessing twist made of wool, candle light for you to weave a red sweater: the predecessor is peace, backs is happy, auspicious is a thick shoulder, Ruyi wear in the sleeve, the collar contains considerate, full of happy pockets, wear in the body let warm wrap you, let my heart accompany you for the year.

Life is like a book, baby born is a preface, juvenile carefree is prose, young frivolous is a poem, middle-aged tired of rushing is reportage, old age is a summary of equanimity. At the beginning of the spring, the Golden Pig will open a beautiful preface, compose a new chapter!

Poly Everest of the Sun, the wind of the ends of the earth, exhausted Gangdise Shan blessings, suck Bill Gates Wealth, as a gift, to you, a happy Spring Festival, wish to become, all the best!

Do you miss me? On the class, you are the boss; On the occupation, you are white-collar; on the ability, you are a corner; On talent, you are the elite. Therefore, we sincerely praise you are: old, white, bone, fine! hahaha ... I wish you a happy Spring festival!

I carry the last 12 zodiac signs of the final debut of super small Handsome pig to you--Golden pig auspicious!

Golden Pig to send blessing auspicious, New Year Fuwa to help: Beibei send you valley full Cang, Jingjing send you kiss the house, Huan send-off you things ruyi, welcome seeing-off your body health, Nini send you longevity long. I wish you a Happy New Year and infinite good luck!

The head shakes, the road strips, the ear fan fan, the sunlight is bright, the butt arches, the happiness all, the tail is upturned, smiles happily, the Golden pig hem, the footstep clanking, the fireworks is dangling, the bell is ringing. I wish you a happy New Year's Eve!

Peace is a blessing, peace and blessings, peace and blessings, smooth poly-fu, level of well-being, ping-fu, plain see blessing, balanced full blessing, smooth Paufu, happy every day!

Wax do spring warm, ding Hai-year-old lian, candle Liquan and Hua years. I ask feast, 觥 to raise the light, music communion, feeling more strong, the heart cold winter. Distant wish, sincerity and June Nian, home Hing Hundred and, Fu Lin Cannan.

Want to say bless you, afraid you hear wrong for "charge you", want to say congratulations, afraid you hear wrong for "pig and you", simply say "pig you dizzy ah", so you can hear as "good luck." I wish you a happy New Year!

My father is my wind wall, my mother is my umbrella, the road back home longer, the way away from home again, the New Year's Eve will be, the family reunion! I wish my dear parents good health and good luck!

The head shakes, the road strips, the ear fan fan, the sunlight is bright, the butt arches, the happiness all, the tail is upturned, smiles happily, the Golden pig hem, the footstep clanking, the fireworks is dangling, the bell is ringing. I wish you a happy New Year's Eve!

Tired to sleep, wake up to smile! Life what taste, oneself put seasoning; receive my information, happy smile! Happy New Year!

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