2014 summary and 2015 outlook, 2014 summary and 2015 Outlook

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2014 summary and 2015 outlook, 2014 summary and 2015 Outlook
The 2014 s are fleeting and will usher in a new 2015 S. I think this year has actually experienced many things and I think it is necessary to summarize them!
One of the biggest changes in the first half of 2014 was that we were completely out of school and had no carefree days. We ushered in nine to six days later. Without the "regular salary" of our parents ", we are welcome to assume our own expenses.

In the second half of 2014, I changed my company to work, and money was able to maintain my basic life. But at this time, I began to become confused and confused myself to engage in this industry, right? (Because the software industry is really hard) What kind of technology should I learn (java technology is really a lot )? Work in that city...
By the end of the year, I think it is time to think about it. I think I have left the school, left the nest, and then left the era of willfulness. You should make plans for your future. After all, it is your own youth to be confused and wasted.

Reflection at the end of the year: I read blogs and books every day, but I don't know what I want to learn. I should set a goal for myself! (Ps: no target ship, no wind is against the wind for it) when I was doing a project, I found my foundation was too thin, and many basic concepts were not clear, sort out your basic knowledge! When I was reading a book, I found many concepts vague. I used to think that computer books have no function. Now I found that I want to improve my "Required Course "! What you do is always a drag-and-drop task. In the new year, you hope to restrain yourself and correct your shortcomings. After all, you are not a self-willed person (rich people )!

Looking forward to 2015, a new year and a new beginning, we have set some new goals for ourselves.
Continue to write a blog that has not been written for a long time to learn the summary, understand some basic things, and sort it out to see where you are weak and start to learn some framework knowledge when you sort out the basic knowledge.

Ps: it is no longer a carefree child in school, it is no longer a self-willed 90 s, but a struggle to move forward to self-willed!

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