2014, to the 25-year-old

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2014, to the 25-year-old


In June 2012, I graduated from college after giving a cup to my deceased college life in the name of my youth.

In July 2012, I dragged my suitcase to this familiar and unfamiliar city and started my first job.

In December 20, 2012, the predictions of the Mayans appeared to be inaccurate, and the end of the world was not expected. After reviewing "2012", I began to think about an important question with the feeling of waiting for the rest of my life: Should I live well ......

In February 20, 2013, with a heavy mood, I came to my place where I used to work, dragged my luggage, and resigned without hesitation.

In May 20, 2013, after thinking for a long time, I decided to give up my favorite major and embark on the journey of learning it.

In November 26, 2013, I finally found my first job, Android software development, after one year of unemployment.

-- Question



Graduation is synonymous with grief.

For some people: it is the end, a feast of youth, this curtain is called, old friends in the same window, goodbye, is a sorrow.

For some people: it is the starting point, a dream flight, so it sets sail. In the past ten years, it is a great success.

But I, with this complicated mood, some sadness, some regret, and some hope, walked through the last summer of college.

I think I am a sentimental and nostalgic person.

I often go back to school for a long time after graduation. I still cannot completely forget the memories of my youth on campus, or, at a certain moment, it was inexplicably touched and stirred up a dusty past.

Those things in college swept through my mind like a phantom ......


School Community

In my freshman year, I joined the dual-stick Association of the school newspaper and the invitation to the monthly poetry club in order to give up literature and martial arts in my heart.

From common members to the management personnel and technical backbone of the community, to the department head of the network department that leads several members. From simple community blogs to free websites with their own community.

I like to meditate. I like to write something for myself when I am quiet at night.

I like the computer industry and the novelty brought by advanced technologies and networks.

I prefer a busy and full life, and I like the kind of inner satisfaction brought about by enrichment.

I have to say that it was a full time in my college life.




From small to large, I think I am still a learning-loving child.

After going to college, this kind of idle life seems a little uncomfortable. So many classes throughout the day, and I am also very slow. To be honest, I also escaped from class. When I really don't want to learn, I lied that I had something to do and I didn't want to go to class. When I was a freshman, I used to take English classes, so that my English fell straight after I went to college. In the end, it was basically a blind English.

Unless it is a difficult subject, I will join in the first row and pretend to be a good student to learn.

In fact, I installed it myself.

I am always absent from the school Park and dormitory when I take the quick exam. Since I went to college, I feel like I am a temporary hacker. Every week before the exam, it is more serious than anyone else. I don't mean I am afraid of being involved in the subject, not to mention rankings. To put it bluntly, I am still a little greedy, thinking about the scholarship of the school and the student age.

Therefore, each exam is good, and the university has been entitled to a scholarship for three years. In addition, I had my own computer in the college age.

Amateur life

After going from college, I felt that I had finally stepped out of my childhood life and came to the international metropolis I thought. I admit that the city's prosperity attracted me.

My family is from a mountain village, so I am not a waste of money. My college living expenses are sent to me by my two sisters working outside. To tell the truth, I am very distressed.

I love to visit this person. If I have nothing to do, I will go on a poor tour with my friends. In my sophomore year, I will go from the path to the scenic spot. At the end of our graduation day, several of us bought a travel year card and went to have fun. In those months, they visited many scenic spots in Grand Xi'an.

I am a person who is out of school every week. If I have a week, I will go out to play with my friends. This is me. I don't like to stay in a place for too long. I need to go out for activities.

I did not work very well. I went to college and worked as a part-time employee. I drew a drawing for a design institute and introduced it to me by my counselor. After three days of work, I was no longer active, I just removed it.


Exclusive version

This is really an episode of my life, so my life has taken a different path.

I once insisted that I had made up my mind to go to the promotion course, and I bought the promotion course materials from the bookstore. Every day, I went to the study room with the students who planned to go to the university to study hard in the library. I also told myself that since I chose this road, I had to go to the dark. You will never regret it. As a matter of fact, I have reviewed all of them, and I have been fighting for this for a long time.

After a Spring Festival, when I sign up, I don't know how to change my mind, and I have to retreat temporarily. Maybe I am in a hurry for employment and don't want to spend any more money at home, after all, it is not easy for two sisters to work outside. I did not know what I thought at the time, nor did I discuss it with my family, so I did not register. I want to come and have another regret, especially when looking for a job. That is a pain point.


When you graduate soon, the school asks for an internship and asks you to find an internship. The network of poor students like ours, where to find them, and a few friends are looking for them at many construction sites in Xi'an. It is called a blow, and where can we know what civil engineering is called, the earth is cheap.

We are eager to find an internship organization, because the school requires that the internship unit be stamped. We can't do it. We can only find it. After going to college, I thought I was a talent. Who knows. After entering every construction site, we will directly say that you don't need to care about us, so we will come to you for an internship. Let's talk about this. No way, people say: no, or: What should we do in case of a security problem, or say: Our XX children have already come here for an internship, no one is missing.

In the end, when the sky closes a door for us, a window is bound to be left. Fortunately, a state-owned enterprise is willing to accept us and give us a meal. In fact, we are satisfied. No way. We had an internship at this site for a month. That time was worth remembering!


Actually graduated

My college ended in the summer of 2012. I was so impressed when I reviewed my college for three years.

I have never studied subjects, but I have never been an English CET-4. I have never served as a class cadre, but I have also been a minister in the Community. I have tasted the joy of success and the feeling of failure; I have been arrogant, young, and decadent; I have been crazy, and I have never been mediocre; I have seen the bustling metropolis and feel the poor yellow land; I have listened to the teachings of Masters and have experienced the shock of ordinary people ......

Sometimes, I have been curious about everything in my college for three years. I am devoted to everything and strive to do the best, but I find that this is not what I want when I reach the "peak, then I try again to find new things and then devote myself to it.

Sometimes I even began to doubt whether I was a man who liked to give up halfway.

What kind of life do you pursue, or what kind of person do you want to become? These are two questions that I often ask myself.

Although I cannot answer these two questions clearly, I know clearly what kind of life I don't want.

I think, this is enough. Although the dream is far away, it is still enough.




I have graduated from college, but I have not found a job. This is a terrible thing, which is unacceptable. I am afraid to lose my job after graduation. In the last few days, I had no way. I went to a supervision agency with a friend in the same class.

It is like a cage. It is not like a work environment that is not dusty or noisy. Maybe because of the nature of my work, I gradually become very lazy. I get up at every morning, get a mobile phone all day, sit in an air-conditioned office, and enjoy free wireless networks. It's okay, bored, I took a safety helmet to the construction site and went around. When I was idle, I went out to drink and drink with a group of people. I sold the ticket to the construction site 24 hours a day for a month with a meager salary, i'm a disappointment. I feel my life has fallen to a low point. Really, from small to large, this kind of frustration makes me feel sad.

In this way, I feel like being assimilated by such a living environment. I don't want to think about anything, I don't want to change it, and sometimes, I almost don't know myself. I can't imagine what it will look like when this project is finished.

Who can realize the sorrow and sorrow of the young man who looked up at the moon in the late autumn at midnight, an independent construction site.

I knew it was time to leave.

After 2013 of the new year, I went to the construction site and carried my luggage, quietly leaving.

After I resigned from the construction site, I suddenly fell idle from that boring life. For a long time, I could not adapt. Because of my fear of idle life, during that time, I strolled around all day and night. The confusion in my mind could be forgotten for the moment only when I was traveling, but my inner anxiety and self-blame were gaining weight from the day.

In order to enrich myself, I bought a few books in a school near my residence and learned the contents of the second building all day, but I didn't feel happy in my heart, I couldn't find my passion for architecture again when I was in college.



After I resigned, I spent the whole day in panic. Because I didn't have a job, how would I face my loved ones and friends, I have been living a wandering life in Xi'an, a familiar and unfamiliar city.

Almost every day, I am posting my resume on the Internet, with no worries about 51job, Zhaopin, and Ganji. I don't know how many resumes I have submitted, but almost no response.

I don't think so. I went to the provincial stadium Talent Market to attend social recruitment fairs on Wednesday and Saturday. There were a lot of organizations at the job fair, but there were only one or two units looking for buildings, after posting your resume, I will wait for the notification, and then there will be no message.

On that day, there was a company recruiting us for building this line. There were many people in the queue. When it was my turn, the man said, look at your salary first:

1 ~ 3 months: 300;

4 ~ 6 months: 500;

7 ~ 10 months: 800;

9 ~ 10 months: 1000;

1500 after one year;

At that time, I was dumpfounded, and people said: Can you accept it? I can only say it is acceptable.

However, what greeted me was a heavy blow.

That kind of hope was at the front of my eyes, but it was a burst of frustration that once made me very sad. I began to reflect on what I did when I lost my college. Why didn't I wake up early? I felt like I was not doing anything.

Who knows what the two-month job fair is like? Sometimes, I doubt my ability. I feel useless! This is society in China: If you don't do this job, there will be others. I really don't know if I'm too picky?


It's time to wake up.

Since I did not like the work environment of the construction site, I thought that the building could earn money when I chose the building. Since I did not love my major (Construction Engineering Management ), so why not pursue your favorite fields from now on?

I don't know what magic it is. I'm suddenly very interested in computer software development. Maybe from my personal interests!

I have found a number of software training institutions in Xi'an, and I have also gone to several of them to listen to the courses. They are all in grammar. Because I have a basic C language, I can understand it, suddenly, I was very infatuated with this industry. So I made up my mind to learn this.

After consulting with a friend, I thought there was no problem, so I went home. At this time, all the money I had spent was spent, and I even lived with my friends, I have not paid the rental fee. I owe it to my friends. After discussing with my parents, I took some money from home and borrowed it from my relatives and friends, finally, I found a training institution that could pay the tuition fee in installments and started my long journey to study again. After nearly six months of study, I got up very early every day. Then I took two buses to go to school, and then I went to bed at about two o'clock. Despite my hard work, I still have to work hard because I can no longer afford to make it. In the past six months, I didn't want to contact anyone because I had nothing to do. In this way, I have stayed in a person's world for six months, and I am willing to accept it. As long as I study hard, I believe that I can find a good job.

I do not want to make my family sad, because I have been asking for it since I was a child, and I have no return to my loved ones.

Sometimes when I have no money, I will be hungry. I only eat a meal a day, so that I can remember the feeling of ELE. me, so that I can work harder, in the future, I will try to say goodbye to this kind of day!

At that moment, I woke up.

Find a job again

In, as it was approaching the end of the year, after careful consideration, I gave up my job in Shanghai and started to submit my resume for a job in a strange and familiar city in Xi'an.

I have set my position in Android software development, but I am engaged in jobs in software parts that do not match my major. I am still engaged in almost completely unfamiliar software jobs, but it really upset me for a while.

Fortunately, every day a company calls me to ask for an interview. Basically, there are two companies every day. After a few days, there are nearly ten people in the interview. Basically, each of them goes to the test, I am worried about the interview and wait for the review notification.

When I was worried about dinner with my friends, a company called and asked me to go to work. To tell the truth, I was really excited.

Therefore, I chose the current company, which is not large and mainly engaged in Web Services. Although the offer is not good, I decided to sign the contract. In my opinion, as long as I can learn what I want to learn and engage in the job I want to do, nothing else matters.



Our group of people in the post 80 s is a generation of people living in the cracks. We yearn for ourselves to be on the right track for our career, just like we were in the post 80 s around the age of 30. However, the young 90 s are ready for release, and they can't wait to enter the stage to sing their main songs.

We are so yearning, unwilling, and confused to live ......

Writing this article to a 24-Year-Old user is not only remembering the wonderful college life, but also remembering the Regretless Youth. Is a summary and outlook.

2014, I'm coming ......


December 31, 2013 in Xi'an



2014, to the 25-year-old

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