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This article will share with you 24 free and high-quality PHP class libraries, which were also popular in 2014. We recommend them to you here.

This article will share with you 24 free and high-quality PHP class libraries, which were also popular in 2014. We recommend them to you here.

PHP is not only a language with rich functions, but also helps developers easily create a better network environment. To further help developers, I will share some free and high-quality PHP class libraries with you, hoping to help you. What are you waiting for? Let's Go!


PhpFastCache is a high-performance, distributed object cache system designed to accelerate dynamic Web applications to reduce database load.


Pchart is an open-source chart generation library, mainly involving three classes: pChart. class, pData. class, pCache. class, which can generate more than 20 simple or complex charts. It supports PNG, JPG, and GIF common image formats.


Munee is a set of picture size adjustment, CSS-JS merge/compression, cache and other functions in a PHP library. Resources can be cached on the server and client. It integrates the PHP Image Library Imagine to adjust and cut the image size, and then caches the image. Munee can automatically compile LESS, SCSS and CoffeeScript, and can combine CSS + JS files into a single request, in addition to these CSS-JS files can also be reduced, to provide better performance. This library can also be easily integrated with any code.


Gantti is an open-source PHP class used to quickly generate Gantt charts.


Whoops is suitable for PHP environment error capture and debugging PHP libraries. It provides a beautiful error interface that can help developers debug Web projects, but its core is a simple but powerful overlay error handling system.

Php Image Cache

Image Cache is a lightweight PHP class that can compress, move, and Cache images in your browser. This class provides some simple settings such as Directory and root path URL, and then calls the compression function for each image.


Wideimage is an open source PHP image processing library. It is developed with pure PHP5 without any external libraries. Features provided include resize, crop, rotate, mask, sharpen, merge, and draw text. Load images from file systems, databases, URLs, and other places, and save images to file systems and databases.


Imagine is an object-oriented PHP class library for image operations. This class library can handle common operations such as resizing, cropping, and applying filters. The Color class library can be used to generate RGB values for any specified Color. Some methods are also provided to draw images, such as Arc, elliptical, line, and slice. In addition, you can use a flexible font class to load any font file and insert the text into the image.

Php Image Workshop

Php Image Workshop is a PHP class that is considered to be freely usable Based on layer Image editing software. It allows multiple layers to move, resize, crop, and write an image on the other.


Detector is an open-source PHP class library used to detect many things about the user's browser environment. It also provides browser usage and html5 and css3 functions of the browser. The class library automatically adapts to new browser versions and devices and uses unique user agent characters for each browser.


Opauth is an open-source PHP class library that eliminates the inconsistency between providers and provides a standard method to process them. In addition to Google, Twitter, and Facebook, Opauth also supports any Oauth provider. In addition, it can be integrated with some common PHP development frameworks, including CakePHP and Yii.

Mobile Detect

Mobile Detect is a lightweight PHP class that helps you precisely Detect client devices (including tablets ). It uses a combination of specific HTTP headers to detect user proxy strings in the mobile environment.

Swift Mailer

Swift Mailer is an object-oriented PHP mail package and does not rely on the mail () function provided by PHP, because this function occupies a high amount of system resources when sending multiple emails. Swift directly communicates with the SMTP server, which has a very high sending speed and efficiency.

Ratchet Websocket For Php

Ratchet is a loosely coupled PHP library that provides support for creating real-time, bidirectional client server WebSockets applications.


Hybridauth is an open-source PHP class library used to provide verification functions through Weibo/social networking websites and IDs for Synchronous website login. It can be easily integrated with existing websites. You only need to reference a file and add several lines of code to log on. Once verified, Hybridauth will provide standardized information for connecting users. In addition to the verification function, this class library allows us to interact with the social API Client Connected to the user.


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