2014 work project summary, 2014 Project Summary

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2014 work project summary, 2014 Project Summary

A year is short. Let's review it later.

When I came to Shanghai in March, I found a job not sent to Ping An in China and made a project called "Self-Help Bao ". The project is relatively simple. The first two people spent one and a half months. However, this is the first project I am responsible for building the Framework and Planning. The subsequent projects are launched, with a monthly premium of 4 or 5 million. The project running effect is as follows:

At the end of August, my colleagues introduced me to a project called private activity. It happened that the work was easy during that period, except for the daily version iterations every two weeks and the unexpected demands of leaders from time to time, there were not many things, and drinking tea for a day had passed. So I took this private activity. This project is a startup project. The first version is called "my" (to be honest, I think this name is too popular, why not use a meaningful name ). Anyway, I took this project, and then one person spent 2 months, basically from every night to 2 or 3 o'clock, finished the first version. At the end of November, it was a waste of time to think that a safe working environment was too boring (without network and computer permissions, and too idle. So I resigned and went to work in this startup company, thinking about doing a better job in this project. Then it took another month. The progress of the current project is basically the same as that of ios (two people in ios, which started to crash at the beginning of the year ). Project running effect is as follows (interested friends can also download to see,: http://wode.im /):

In general, this year has not been well utilized. At the beginning of this year, we plan to write two projects of our own, one for network applications and one for algorithms (such as speech processing. However, it is not right to say that there is no growth at all. After all, I have been influenced by two different working environments: outsourcing companies and startup companies. This year's progress is to gain a deeper understanding of mobile Internet products. When considering problems, we will also consider product demand analysis and user psychology and experience, in addition, there is also a project from the project establishment to the development to the launch of this process, what processes will be experienced, and what problems will be encountered. These are all experiences while working, and occasionally come to think about them. Therefore, if you create your own projects in the future, you should do better.

Goodbye 2014

Hello 2015


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