2014 World Cup real Estate special page Design appreciation

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<span id="Label3"></p><span style=""><span style="">the Four-year World Cup start, see the stadium up and down to make merry, handsome, funny, crazy, eye-candy, Small part here for you to tidy up a few different World Cup theme page design, for you to present a different visual experience, below to enjoy it together. <span></span> </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><span style=""><span style="">specially designed theme text combination, echo World Cup Carnival theme, with map World Cup theme color matching, large area of yellow plus green collocation, Light World Cup related items, played a very good atmosphere rendering effect. </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><span style=""><span style="">Yingqi's text design, beautiful</span></span>typography, a slanted layout that echoes the dynamics of the player, plus a dynamic mapping style,<span style=""><span style="">add a vibrant color palette to make the whole picture dynamic. </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><span style=""><span style="">the drawing is very tension,</span></span>Scene simulation plus virtual reality processing interactive very strong JS effect<span style=""><span style="">, it makes people feel at the World Cup Scene. </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><span style=""><span style="">here the biggest highlight should be the text font design and typesetting, It is worth learning the DESIGN. </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><span style=""><span style="">Star Sparkling feeling ah, passion running players, shiny gorgeous font design and effect, coupled with beautiful football baby, a variety of special effects foil, The whole picture atmosphere is quite strong and Passionate. </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><span style=""><span style="">another great poster.</span></span>Web Design<span style=""><span style="">, the layout of the rules rather than innovation, there is the feeling of off-frame restraint, color is also a classic red and yellow color, atmosphere and Stylish. </span></span><br style=""><br style=""><br style="">Rice Studio<span style=""><span style="">original, Reproduced please indicate the SOURCE. </span></span></span>

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