20141220 Badminton Tournament Summary

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This game is a rookie event app sponsored by the four series friendlies, originally felt that participation is to play, and from the level should not encounter too fierce opponents, so expectations are quite high. But the results are disappointing, the first round of mechanical department team of several classmates, was eliminated. Teammates lack of competition experience is part of the reason for losing, but they also have not done a good place, need to summarize their own reflection.

The first mixed doubles:

The first inning because the weather was too cold, I insisted on not wearing long sleeves, leading to the first half of the game did not open, all of a sudden five or six points behind. The back gradually began to force, the score to catch up with some, but still in a fraction of the difference handed off.

The second inning began to play better, 14:1 start, back to the opponent to save some face, finally put some, to the third game laid the foundation for the loss.

The third inning lasted the second half of the rest of the state, until the 14 draw began to force, hit 18:14 lead four points. After the teammate's continuous hair and the processing of the ball error was chased to 20 flat. This time my own mentality has changed, a little do not want to play, the spirit of relaxation led to distraction and the speed of the decline, two consecutive points were turned.

Second game men's doubles:

Continue to do not want to play the mentality, coupled with the team to make continuous mistakes, the back of the opportunity ball is not offensive. Two consecutive disks were handed in.

Summing up, the mentality of the game should not be easy to relax the state, relax and then tighten up the need for a process, which will have many opportunities to be wasted, and even determine the outcome of the game. In addition, doubles are not the same as singles, it is a two-person game. When a teammate has a continuous failure should not be due to their own frustration emotional impact on their own level of competition, and should be through their own play and appropriate communication to let teammates hurriedly get back to the state, is the path to victory.

20141220 Badminton Tournament Summary

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