20145306 Zhangwenjin Network Defense web Base

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20145306 Network attack and Defense Web basic Experiment Content

Mastering Apache Start and stop configuration changes (such as listening ports)
Front-end Programming:
Familiar with Html+javascript. Understand the concept of forms to write different HTML pages, put into Apache working directory, access from the browser.
Back-end Programming:
To understand the different get/post methods, try to use the Get/post method to transfer the user input in the browser, and in the background with PHP read parameters, according to the different parameters, to return different content to the browser.
Database programming
Practice basic SQL operations in the MySQL client: Build libraries, build tables, add data, delete, change, and check. Call the MySQL library in PHP for the appropriate database operation.

Experimental process
    • Appche
      Port modified to 80, use Netstat to view the occupied port process, close the process, turn on the Apache service.
    • Front Page
      • Enter the working directory of the Appache.
      • and create a page.
    • Php
      • login5306.php

      • Enter the localhost/145336login.html in the browser, enter the user name, password, and then submit the form, then jump to the PHP page, echoing the user name password information entered.

    • MySQL Database
      • Start the database
      • Create a new database;
      • Create a new table ZWJ, with username and password two fields, with a maximum of 20 characters;
      • Add records;
      • database tables;
    • Implementing a login interface for connecting to a database

      * Combined with the above completed page.

      • Login5306.php,145306login.html
      • Enter user name password correct login successful

20145306 Zhangwenjin Network Defense web Base

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