2014isc: amazing big wave of beautiful women

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For the Internet insiders, the hottest day of the past two days is the 2014 China Internet Security Conference, also known as the ISC Conference. Various high-tech and new technologies are dazzling. Implicitly, It is the gathering of insiders to learn from each other. directly, it is said that the Eight Immortals go through the sea and show different kinds of attention.

I have no name in the circle, and I simply want to join in to watch beautiful women. By the way, I wrote an article at the end of the conference and went back to spoof the leaders. When I came out, I had to make a fortune.

Now, let's take a look at all the girls at the ISC Conference.

Five star recommendation:

This girl, um, has already been frantically forwarded to my circle of friends for countless times. When I saw this brand, I began to regret what news I learned, what are the best reporters? code writing is my favorite. Well, after writing this article, I transferred it and told me: Which one of the strongest excavators I want to learn?

Four-star recommendation:

This sister wins in the absolute plain face, without any makeup, water spirit eyes, baby fat face, floating long hair, and meat little hands ........ A work outfit does not cover up the pure breath of my sister! Amount, work clothes .... Are you emphasizing that you love encryption?

Recommended by Samsung:

Slim legs, eyes, and half-dew shoulders, is there a sense of ecstasy? People who have read countless people such as Ben * who have been passing through the sandground for so long (ah, it is true that they can only pass by each time and even have the courage to take a photo, at the first glance, this pretty girl couldn't help but swallow her mouth. Well, if the pretty girl eats more papayas, it may be placed in the five-star recommendation position.

Two-star recommendation:

When my sister saw me taking a photo, she smiled at me !! When was the last time my sister smiled at me? I don't remember. Maybe it was when I was repairing a computer for a girl ....... Suddenly like a spring breeze, I'm a little drunk.

One-star recommendation:

This sister was accidentally rolled back. At that time, she was patiently explaining the product with a very wretched uncle. Uncle also targeted the beauty from time to time. Mawei, glasses, have wood feel the enthusiasm of students?

Finally, I had to talk nonsense about this article. Compared with other large exhibitions, the girls at this exhibition were quite different. Seeing that the conference was over, I really didn't want to leave .. Could you give me a call to the pure girl of four stars ?? I promise not to call you ~!

2014isc: amazing big wave of beautiful women

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