2015-10-15 Sunny Apue GIT

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Yesterday read the TCP/IP protocol, quickly read the content, and the things in the past is very familiar with, today is just about a look at the previous use, when used, in the past in the enterprise wisdom on what problems, and then how to solve.
I have a little admiration for my memory. The network protocol basically finished, now began to look at Apue,git these two contents, others should also be very simple. Used to be a regular use. I wonder if I can recall it now. In addition to the algorithm I do not intend to see, the basic algorithm is enough.
Other understanding of the principle is OK. There is also embedded may not look, now do the embedded words I am still not enough, just the foundation of the start, a lot of things back to the teacher.
Today's programme of work:
1, for Apue, file and directory operations, standard IO libraries, processes, process relationships, signals, threads, threading relationships, daemons, advanced IO, interprocess communication, etc.
2, learn git tools, mainly look at the "Git authoritative guide" this book, looks like a very good look. I used to use git to manage my coders,blog,wiki when I was in the company, and then I used GitHub to manage it. But GitHub is always banned, so it's more time to stand alone.

2015-10-15 Sunny Apue GIT

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