2015-3-28 Huawei Machine Test Summary

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Title: The number of repetitions in an integer sequence is modified to "the value of the number" the number appears in this sequence, the value of the element in the sequence is 1000, and the maximum number in the series is 100.

input : 1,6,3,5,4,6,3,4,4,4


The correct procedure is as follows:

#include <iostream>
using namespace Std;
int main ()
int i;
int j=0;
int zhen[100]={0};
Char a[100];
Cin.get (a,100);
for (i=0;a[i]!= ' &&a[i]!= ' \ n '; i++)//Get the numbers in the input string
if (a[i]>=48)
j + +;
int len=0;
for (int l=0;l<100;l++)//Get the number of inputs
if (zhen[l]!=0)
int arr[100]={0};
int count=1;
For the for (int m=0;m<len;m++)//loop operation, the corresponding bit is the number of digits present in the additional array arr ""
for (int p=m+1;p<len;p++)
if (Zhen[m]==zhen[p])
if (arr[p]==0)
for (int a=0;a<len-1;a++)//Remove last comma output
if (arr[a]==0)
cout<<zhen[a]<< ",";
cout<<zhen[a]*arr[a]<< ",";
if (arr[len-1]==0)
System ("pause");
return 0;

Some of the problems that arise are:

(1) directly in the original array zhen[] To modify the number, such as the 2nd 4 to modify it to 8, so as to cause the cycle again, if there are 8, it will be changed to 16, thereby making an error;

So, to solve this problem, we need to re-open an array, and then multiply the corresponding bits of two arrays can be obtained;

(2) if (arr[p]==0) This sentence is very important, if there is no such sentence: for example, input 4,4,4,4, then the corresponding arr[] array is 1,2,1,1, so it must be wrong. So first the arr[] array is initialized to 0, in the modified arr "" Bit no changes, this small detail led to not take full points, it is a pity.

2015-3-28 Huawei Machine Test Summary

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