2015 30th Sunday

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Success is a habit, and failure is a habit. Why did you succeed? Because of perseverance. Why did it fail? Because of giving up. It is a habit to persist and to give up. Good habits are the great power of our success, no wonder some people say that the biggest difference between success and failure comes from different habits. One day, a teacher walks in the woods with his young students. The teacher stopped suddenly and looked closely at the four plants around him. The first plant was a seedling that had just been unearthed, and the second plant was a tall and upright sapling whose roots were firmly entrenched in the fertile soil; The third plant is already leafy, almost as tall as the young students; The four plants are a huge oak tree, and young students can hardly see its canopy.
The teacher pointed to the first plant and said to his students, "pull it up." The students pulled out the seedlings with their fingers easily. "Now, dial out the second plant. The students took the teacher's orders, slightly strength, then uprooted the seedlings. "Well, now, pull out the third plant. "The student tries with one hand and then uses both hands to go all out." Finally, the tree finally fell to his feet at the end of exhaustion. "Good." The teacher went on and said, "Try that oak tree!" The student looked up at the huge oak tree and thought he was exhausted when he pulled the tree that was much smaller, so he rejected the teacher's offer and didn't even try. "My child." "The teacher sighed and said:" Your action just tell you, habits on the impact of life is how great ah!
In fact, our habits are like the plant in the story, the seedlings are easy to pull out, and over time, the more deeply rooted, the more difficult to eradicate. The oak in the story is so great that it is as daunting as the habit of forming, and it is even timid to try to change it. It is also worth mentioning that there are differences between habits and habits, some of which are more difficult to change than other habits. Not only are bad habits so, but good habits are no exception. In other words, once the good habits are developed, they will be loyal and strong like the oak tree in the story. Habits in this from "seedlings" into the "giant tree" process, the more repeated the number of times, the longer the time, they will be more difficult to change.
   14 effective ways to improve yourself
In growing up, I've been looking for ways to improve myself. I've found 14 of the best tips to help you improve yourself better. There are some simple steps you can take to get started right away, and there are bigger plans you need to do more.
   1, reading every day.
Books are the source of wisdom. The more books you read, the more intelligent you will become. What books do you have to improve yourself? The "Build Your Time Capital", "Top things First", "the greatest salesman in the world", etc. are good books that can help you to know yourself. Another friend's blog learning is also in the "let every day has meaning: The Life of Learning Methods book recommendation" in the article has recommended the study method of the book.
   2. Learn a new language.
Learning a new language is a challenge, and you can learn the language to understand different cultural backgrounds and enrich your knowledge. Imperial has published "How to learn 35 languages with your ipod", and friends with ipods can't miss this opportunity. It was interesting to learn some basic words from the Haitian language when the earthquake struck Haiti. Are you still struggling to learn English? Why not learn a new language, perhaps more suitable for your language waiting for you to explore.
   3. Build your inspiration space.
Your living environment will affect your mood, and if you live in an inspiring environment, you will be creative and passionate every day. If your room is still a mess, it's time to transform it. Start with the little things and tidy up your desktop. Take a look at the 12 tips to keep your desk organized and learn more efficiently.
   4. Conquer your fears.
What has to be said is that everyone has something he is afraid of. Some people are afraid of speaking in front of everyone, afraid of success, fear of adventure, fear of ghosts, and even fear of caterpillars. You have something to fear, too? Why not take the time to conquer your fears? This will help you grow.
   5. Upgrade your skills.
If you have played role-playing games, you should understand the concept of upgrade-by adding XP, you will become stronger and more powerful. Our life is like a real role-playing game, but you can't arbitrarily archive or read files (this is the difference between reality and virtual). As a blogger, Imperial is always learning new knowledge, constantly upgrading my skills, in the past year, I added a lot of skills to myself. These new skills are also the biggest capital to overcome the strong "Boss" (difficulties in life). What skills will you upgrade for yourself?
   6. Write a letter to your future.
What will you be like 5 years from now? You can write a letter to yourself 5 years later, I think you must have a lot of things to say: "Tell yourself to study hard, cherish the time ..." Don't waste your time "or" Cherish your friends, loved ones ... "Well, since then, why not cherish life from now on? You know, every step of the time is about writing your own history. I think 5 years later should be not only the physical growth of the mind and mind should be more mature.
   7, admit their shortcomings.
Everyone has shortcomings, but the point is to understand them, recognize them, and value them. What are your shortcomings? Don't tell me, use your own actions to get rid of it!
   8, Immediate action.
I admit that the Libra I do sometimes become very hesitant, do not know how to choose. Later, I found the secret to overcoming hesitation-to act immediately. Usually I make a decision in 60 seconds and then execute it immediately. So I won't give myself any time to hesitate. Since I developed the habit of immediate action, my efficiency has become higher, I have saved a lot of time to do things, not to think, to hesitate. I think that the habit of immediate action is for everyone to cultivate, which will make a big difference in your life. You can take a look at this article "7 steps to develop the habit of immediate action", "overcoming procrastination-7 tips to keep you going", you will reap more.
   9. Learn from the people you admire.
Everyone in life has their own admiration of the people, they can be great people, can also be your friends, your loved ones, even a stranger. Imperial in the sports meeting, very admire the 5000 meters of the first game, every time he ran from my side, I for his firm eyes to be impressed. Though he was gasping for breath and sweating, he did not slow down. I think this kind of resolute eyes is what I lack, I want to learn from him. Do you have a man to admire, too? You admire that person because they have something that you do not have, and that is what you lack. So, learn from the people you admire and get new abilities from them.
   10, reduce the time on the QQ.
I have realized that I have formed a bad habit, that is, every time the first thing to open the computer is to hang up QQ, many of my friends also have this habit. When you hang QQ, you will occasionally receive chat messages, interrupting the work you are doing. Whenever you stop working to see the QQ message, your time is wasted, and the re-work requires a certain "conversion time".
   11, cultivate a new habit.
30 days can cultivate a new habit, I use toodledo this software to manage the time, I set up the plan that cultivates the new habit. Set a task to repeat daily, just complete this task every day, so I have a new habit 30 days later. Now, I have made 50 push-ups every day through my daily habits plan, I read one hours of English every morning, I dictate VOA English every day, I get up 6:30 every day ... Habits once developed, it is easy to do.
   12, let the past past.
Have you ever had some unpleasant things? If there is, it is time to let them go with the wind. Remember that things will only stop you from moving forward. Do you sometimes get anxious? Let's look at this article, "How to eliminate anxiety."
   13, give people roses hand fragrance.
You are good to others, others will treat you well. In fact, many of us are not able to do that. We see other people's shortcomings, always want to educate others as an elder, but everyone has their own life, you can not impose your will on others. Try to respect the thoughts and habits of others and help them more, and you will find it easy to get along with people.
   14, good rest.
Personal promotion is not overnight can be done, it needs our perseverance and hard work. When we are tired of reading, we should know how to rest, listen to light music, relieve the mood. Walk around and get close to nature. Only when we have a good rest, can we move forward better.

2015 30th Sunday

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