2015, a year of struggle for ACM

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You have to work very hard to look effortless.

There are a group of people, they are active self-discipline, according to the plan every day, methodical, they do not publicize, as the most humble grass, waiting for life to bloom the day. They get up 5 o'clock in the morning, you're sleeping, you start to enjoy a hearty breakfast at 7, and protein, vitamin, starch, fiber, a good head for a new day, and when they're ready to start a full day of work, you're still sleeping;

They use the morning's efficient time to complete one task after another, and even discover the new business opportunities, found that there is a chance to bring about a change in life, when the lunch time is approaching, they stretch, ready to take a rest, at this time you finally get up.

Their lunch is not extravagant, but full of nutrition, they have the choice of eating, because clearly know what they want, and you also wake up but feel hungry, you wash the face early, and even teeth are not brush, open the refrigerator, took out last night with friends after high after the French fries and coke;

After the NAP, they re-actively put into work, and you finally eat enough to drink, sitting in front of the computer. Yes, your day has begun.

Back home at night, they also opened the computer, perhaps in order to complete the day did not have time to finish the work, perhaps because the first two days just reported a network classroom, at this time you are still immersed in the DotA, you send the post is not enough to be angry, you find Cang teacher and update meager, TV show men and women pig feet have not finally together Evil's No. Second has not been rewarded for her due.

Finally, at 22 o ' night, they stopped their work, perhaps went to a full shelf to take a book, perhaps picked up their favorite instrument to practice practiced hand, perhaps have gone to bed. Of course, before going to bed they will think about what they have done on this day, what they have learned and what lessons they have learnt.

Finally, they re-reminded of their own buried in the heart of the dream, and then satisfied to sleep. At this time you are still waiting to upgrade, still in the top post, but also in the brush meager, still in order to male a woman a number of crying, your day just started wonderful.

After midnight, you vaguely feel sleepy, reluctant to turn off the computer, the body has been very smelly, you do not bother to wash a bath. You went to a messy bed, got into a dirty blanket, pulled out a cell phone--yes, the claw machine party couldn't hurt it.

You vaguely know that you have a group of "them" around you, but you have no way to actually feel their existence. Until one day, you and "he/she" finally met the romantic--

He/she is the boss, you are ordinary wage earners;
He/she is the director, you are a weak-blown small staff;
He/she travels the country, reads the university you miss, pats the picture you want to take, lives the life you want, his/her various wanton little freshness,

And you, yes, I know you hate small fresh, but what does it matter? That's the way it is, you're the one with the computer's fluorescent rays.

2015, a year of struggle for ACM

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