2015 Chinese New Year Watch "The Ordinary World"

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Watching on TV stupid and wretched Devils army and not afraid of suffering from the tired smart and witty I toward the army, suddenly there is a trance, there is a reincarnation of 10,000 years of feeling-each cycle is outside the Coke tender, crisp and delicious. If the TV station is a person, it must be a old aunt ...

Fortunately this year there is also a "ordinary world" can see, multi-line narrative, characters and storyline are full of tension, which reminds me of the 13 years of that "if life cheated You", is also multi-line narrative (^_^ multithreading is good), such stories than love fantasy anti-Japanese drama more close to life, the audience more extensive, The impact on ordinary people more powerful, more can arouse people to think about the desire.

Hope to be able to play more of this kind of TV series, rather than not serious entertainment enemies entertain themselves to death. More life, less emptiness, more thinking, less levity.

2015 Chinese New Year Watch "The Ordinary World"

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