2015 front-end frameworks and languages to learn

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node. JS First, PHP second, JavaScript third. Because there are so many communities in node. js, you don't have to be surprised by this result. If you know JavaScript, you've already got a foot in the possibility of building a web App with node. js.


Angularjs is in the leadership position of the framework. A large number of companies and companies have adopted angular, which requires developers to have more skills to use the framework. Mainly because there is the best engineer in Google support.

2015 you should learn.

Many libraries and frameworks are created and extinct, challenging to devote limited energy to the most valuable things. Here are some of our suggestions for languages and frameworks that we think are meaningful to learn. They are popular, have active communities, and have plenty of job opportunities.

1. Ubiquitous JavaScript

If you do Web development, JavaScript is something you need to know, no matter what language you write in the background. Now you can use JS in browsers, servers, mobile apps and even programmable hardware. ES6 will improve and make the language more powerful. Learning Bower and NPM tools is necessary, and includes Jshint and Jscs code-style and code-checking.

2. AngularJS

Angularjs is a JavaScript framework invented by Google that can quickly build enterprise-class Web applications. Rapid demand growth requires programmers to have experience with this framework, and many times you will see the use of this framework when recruiting jobs. But don't worry too much. It will have a big rewrite, and it's a better way to learn after its release 2.0. You can view the Learning Guide Angularjs examples.

3. React

React is a new competitor, but it is a reusable web component. The library was developed by Facebook and implemented a very fast virtual DOM, and is easily accessible to existing projects. It also has a very active community to provide the development component all kinds of the components. In our view, reacts is very promising and deserves attention in 2015. Check out our study guide react tutorial.

4. Node. js

With node. js You can use JavaScript to implement server-side applications. It can be very simple to implement backstage, like these frame Express, API endpoints, websocket even torrent clients. Node has an incredibly active community that transcends any other language implemented in this year's module. If you are a beginner, we recommend you try the Nodeschool.

5. NoSQL databases

A database that is neither relational nor SQL-queried is more valuable to today's web developers, and we believe such databases will be more prevalent in the future. There are two notable things that are MongoDB and Redis. It's easy to use any one of them compared to MySQL and postgres. But don't be silly to think that NoSQL databases are a perfect replacement-in some cases, the classic relational database will make your development easier.

6. Less/sass/stylus

There are a lot of people who don't like CSS. It's easy to reach a 1000-line CSS file and not easily be positioned and modified. To solve these problems, some languages like less, Sassand stylus can be compiled into CSS files, and can use variables, macros, and other ways to improve your coding. You can fix one of them in an afternoon.

7. The exciting framework

Meteor is a new way of developing Web applications that blurs the boundaries of the front-end and back-end. It allows you to write applications that are implemented and has a rapidly growing community to provide a variety of package modules. Hood.ie is a small competitor, but offers a new way of doing it. It can handle the background for you, so you can focus on the foreground of your application.

8. Exciting language

For some programming language fans, this is something else. Golang, Rust and Elixir have a strong growth momentum and are used in a number of performance-demanding situations. We do not recommend transferring your programming direction to these languages, but you may need to use it when you want to interact with other websites.

9. Classic full-stack frame

While those single-page applications are growing rapidly, there are plenty of Web applications that use the server. Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, Play, ASP. NET is a few of the top-ranked frameworks. Taking the time to learn any MVC framework will benefit you a lot.

2015 front-end frameworks and languages to learn

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