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Anyforweb for everyone to bring benefits, heavy launch of the 2015 Global website Design Trend forecast Analysis, I hope everyone in the new year can more and more "one manuscript"!

The trend of web design is mainly in layout, color, user experience and design style. Looking back at the 15 trends of global web Design in the 2014, the overall index of the 2014 design trend was higher, with each part involved; and as users ' demands for a site experience become more and more stringent, we have reason to believe that the focus of 2015 will be more "user experience."

Let's first analyze what new trends will be next year, and which design trends last year will be extended and sublimated.

  1. Creative way of layout

In recent years, the trend may be around the creative to unfold, and the Web page layout design is difficult to introduce, most of the same, so once the layout of a few chic small changes, can let the user before the light. But in the deliberate innovation at the same time, the designer should also follow the user's visual sensory experience, keep the view of the path always smooth.

The new layout of Oyama

  2. The use of large picture background

To high-quality large pictures as a site background is a very common foreign design method, but due to the domestic and foreign web site style there is a certain difference, so the trend is late for a period of time to come to China. It is expected that in 2015 years, the large picture background will be gradually widely used, not only to some of the more trend of personality of the site, many creative companies and the upcoming international challenges of the Enterprise official website will also begin to try this atmosphere free background design.

Ittetrun Background of large picture

  3. emphasis on font layout design

Simple font design affects the atmosphere of the entire Web page. It is expected that in recent years, minimalist style of Web site design will become the mainstream, so the number of text content in the page will be correspondingly reduced, the text displayed is relatively important content, and the coarse font is undoubtedly the best format to highlight the focus. Not only that, the emphasis of the font design combined with large picture background can create a magazine-style web design, so that the site more natural.

MN's emphasis on font layout design

  4. page self-adaptation (responsive)

Now the number of users mobile end is enough to prove the importance of adaptive page, with a variety of intelligent devices continue to rise, adaptive more will become designers need to study the subject. Compared with the past, responsive web pages not only have to adapt to more different resolutions in the future, but also to focus on content flow, breakpoints, relative units, as well as nested objects and other content design, so that users really enjoy the comfort brought by the adaptive.

  5. The increasing disparity scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a kind of stereo movement effect, which makes the multi-layer background roll at different speed, thus brings a unique visual experience for the visitors. Parallax scrolling because of its gorgeous effect, so generally used for brand promotion website, play a role in deepening memory. In today's competitive era, an impressive web design is really important.

  6. Interactive Information Stories

Narrative design is one of the design trends of the 2014, it is undeniable that this trend will be continued in the future, but also will be further improved, such as the addition of a number of interactive interaction with the user design, so that users are not just looking at the story, but with the Web story fusion.

  7. flattening and no longer a style, but a gimmick

The most worth mentioning is the 2014 in full swing flat design!

Flat design In recent years the momentum is self-evident, even WIN8 blew up the metro wind also added to the color block-oriented flat effect. Flat design refers to whether the color block, pictures, or layout performance has been removed from the shadow, gradient, such as physical and chemical elements, such design concept is in line with the current design fashion, will be flat to use the ultimate is still a very good design.

However, we must not be flattened for the sake of flattening! If you add an inner shadow to make the page more stereoscopic and rich, why don't we do it? As Apple has always admired: refining a great product design up to the cleanest and simplest state, rather than framing its "necessary" style.

The future of flat use is more inclined to a means of expression, such as your design can be a small fresh style, but also can be European and American style, but this does not prevent the use of a flat approach. Absolute flattening, in addition to some software-grade products or the main flat-design works, may be more suitable as a tool to improve design standards.

  8. card type design

The inner charm of the design has been dug more and more deeply, the logical relationship of the Web page has been the attention of everyone, the card-type design of this rise!

The card-type design issued by Zaozhuang

Perhaps the simplest explanation for card-type design is a card. A pattern, a text, although the content is not much, but can clearly express the meaning of this card. Not only that, designers should also provide users with the opportunity to interact, because the card design feedback is not only a valuable information, but also need to allow users to do more in it.

  9. Scrolling browsing mode is better than click

Also because of the popularity of mobile terminals, the less-click operation of a single page of Web design seems to be more suitable for our current applications. Web designers may be able to find some inspiration in the design of the mobile end, for example, from a browsing point of view, since the scrolling page than the need to click on the page to use more convenient, it is better to choose this intuitive mode, so that users and the site to create a closer interaction.

Morningstar Scheduled scrolling browsing page

   More elegant personalization of micro-interactivity

First, explain the understanding of "personalization". Many of the common problems of the site is the current popular elements and technology, regardless of the actual experience of all moved to their own web site, blindly pursue the "personalized" design, such as the appearance of the association behavior is clearly not in line with today's web design trend.

In the future of web design, what we need is a more elegant way of interacting with micro-reactions. such as mouse hover effect, easy access to the hidden navigation, as well as the registration page pop-up box, and so on, these small details of the design looks very humble, but can be impressed in the hearts of users.

Personalized micro-interaction of Naturehouse


Anyforweb that the 2015 Web page design trend to a large extent will continue to the previous design trends, but for the user experience to upgrade has a higher demand. No matter how the trend changes, always have to put the user experience in the first place, the end users of the site have the right to judge the maximum quality of the site. And designers should constantly pay attention to the new design trends, for users to continuously optimize the use of the site experience.

Anyforweb UDC regularly publishes web related trends commentary articles, which involve visual, interface, interactive and other fields, please look forward to!

Anyforweb and Anyforweb UDC's official micro-blog has been officially opened, welcome attention!

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