2015 Hebei adult Bachelor's degree English exam true answer "4800 exam 53855"

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2015 Hebei degree English exam true answer "4800 exam after pay 53855"
One, the first layer for hard study
Mention the study to say "head cantilever, Cone Thorn shares", "hard, hard, and hard." Students at this level feel that learning is boring, learning is a forced behavior for them, not to learn the fun. For a long time, the study inevitably produced a sense of fear, thus breeding the mood of weariness, the result, in their there, learning has become a chore.
Secondly, the second level is studious
The so-called "people who know better than the good, the subject." The answer to this realm of students, learning interest in learning plays a major role in promoting. The thirst for learning, often to the point of sleepless. Their study does not need other people's persecution, the conscious attitude often enables them to achieve good results, and good results make them more interested in learning, forming a virtuous circle of learning.
Thirdly, the third layer will learn
Learning itself is also a science, information, subjects. The answer has a scientific approach, and there are rules that need to be followed. According to the correct method of learning, learning efficiency is high, easy to learn, thinking has become flexible and smooth, can be very good to drive the knowledge. Truly become the Master of knowledge. At present, middle school students in the study, the first layer of the majority, the second layer for a few, the third level less. We should make clear that an important goal of learning is to learn, which is also the requirements of the development of modern society. The illiterate in the 21st century will be those who will not learn. Therefore, students in the study should pursue a higher level of learning, so that learning to become a pleasant thing, in the light of the loose in learning all the subjects.
Three types of learning habits
The quality of academic achievement often depends on whether there are good study habits, especially the habit of thinking.
First, always stand in the system of the high grasp of knowledge
Many students are accustomed to follow the teacher in a section of the Walk, Chapter one chapter of the study materials, subjects. The answer, not very to the relationship between the chapter and the whole system of disciplines, saw trees, trees. As time goes on, the knowledge is increasing, and the contents are complicated, the clue is unclear, and the memory burden is increased. In fact, any subject has its own knowledge structure system, before learning a subject should first understand the system, from the overall grasp of knowledge, learning each part of the content to understand its position in the overall system, this often makes the learning knowledge easier to grasp.
Second, tracing the trace, seeking the inner connection between things
Learning the most taboo subjects, especially science study, more important is to make clear the truth, so no matter what content to learn, you have to ask why, so learned the knowledge seems to have the source of water, there is wood of this. Even if you ask questions beyond the scope of high school knowledge, and even the teacher can not answer, but this does not matter, it is important to have a curiosity about everything, curiosity, which is often the important way to cultivate our interest in learning, more importantly, to develop this habit of thinking, is conducive to the quality of thinking training.
Three, divergent thinking, cultivate the thinking habit of association
In the study, we should pay attention to the new and old knowledge, between the subject material, subject. The answer, the content of the study and the actual life and other aspects of the connection, not to treat the knowledge in isolation, develop a multi-angle to think about the habit of thinking, consciously to train the flow of thought fluency, flexibility and originality, long-term, will inevitably promote the development of intellectual quality. Knowledge learning mainly through thinking activities to achieve, the core of learning is the core of thinking, knowledge is important, but more importantly, through the study of knowledge to improve intellectual quality, intellectual quality, knowledge learning will become easier. So the three learning habits mentioned above are essentially three kinds of thinking habits. The key to learning is to learn how to think.
Three points of study
About the method of learning can talk about a lot of information, subjects. Answer, but it is important to note the following three points: Hebei degree English
One, more reading Hebei degree English, pay attention to the foundation
To learn well, the mastery of basic knowledge is particularly important, and the basic knowledge refers to the textbook knowledge material, this point students must know. But in the study, many students do not pay attention to the reading comprehension of textbooks, only willing to do some more problems, because the test is to do the problem. In fact, this is a way of putting the cart before the horse, it should be said that textbooks and exercises are both important and can not be substituted, but the textbook knowledge is Ben, one of the purposes of the problem is to better grasp the knowledge. Therefore, we advocate more reading less to do the problem, do not advocate more questions less reading.
Second, think more, pay attention to understanding Hebei degree English
To learn without thinking is to think is the soul of learning. In learning, knowledge is important, but more important is to drive the knowledge of the mind. If a person does not think, he can only be a slave of knowledge, knowledge is no more useless, and can not really learn good knowledge. Knowledge learning is important in understanding, and understanding can only be realized through thinking, the source of thought is the problem, in learning should be careful not to let go of any problems, have a problem do not rush to ask people, should strive to think alone, their own brain to find the correct answer to the problem, That's what's good for thinking. The original question and the answer of the 2015 Hebei degree English exam is provided exclusively, but the
Detailed consulting business staff (
1. In accordance with the deployment of the SASAC, the state-owned economy must maintain absolute control over important sectors and key areas that are related to national security and the lifeblood of the national economy,
Including military, power grid power, petroleum and petrochemical, telecommunications, coal, civil aviation, shipping and other seven industries, this shows ()
A. The status of non-public economy and state-owned economy is exactly the same
B. State-owned economy plays a leading role in the national economy
C. The proportion of non-public economy in the national economy is becoming larger
D. State-owned economic dominance will be one step closer
Editing the language of this paragraph recitation 16 Method 1. Understanding the Memory method
To recite on the basis of a preliminary understanding. The deeper you understand, the easier it is to memorize the answers. Recite the text to try to use the meaning of memory, both to enhance the understanding of memory. To oppose the learning method of superficial understanding bookworm. Recite an article or paragraph, the first to read through the full text, understand the main thrust of the article, and then understand the level of the article, the ins and outs, master the language features of the article, catch some of the relevant role of words and sentences, through the first analysis, after the synthesis, so that the recitation of much faster. Recitation also depends on the text and law, such as reciting argumentative text, can from analysis of arguments, arguments, argumentation start, recite the narrative, you can understand and grasp the relevant facts, narrative order to start.
2. Fast Reading method
Hebei degree English recitation is the result of familiarity with written materials based on reading aloud and silently. After the initial understanding of the article, to beginning repeated reading, and then repeated silently. Only by reading, can deepen understanding, can be recited. The experiment proves that the continuous slow reading is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also can interrupt the memory signal; Conversely, after reading the text, gradually speed up the reading speed, you can form a coherent signal stimulation in the cerebral cortex, so as to strengthen the memory effect, improve the speed of reciting.
3. Sketchy law, of information programme
The ancients said: "To give an outline and million eyes Zhang." The article "Outline" (Hebei degree English test answer) is the context of the article, and the context of the article reflects the author's ideas of writing. Therefore, recite the text, must be based on the author's writing ideas and lines of the sequence of clues, from the sentence to paragraph, from paragraph to chapter, before the hook, on the next, the ring ring tightly buckle, continuous. In this way, not only fast back, but also remember prison. As long as we follow the author's way of writing and reading the line of thought, while thinking of the side of the back, reciting is not too difficult.
Some poems have the characteristics of "re-Zhang Yi singing", each chapter (section) (Hebei degree English test data) is generally the same sentence, so we memorize the first chapter (paragraph), just find the rest of the chapters (paragraph) different words and remember them can be.
Textbooks require recitation of the text are famous, and the famous masterpiece in the use of rhetoric has its own unique. Therefore, from reciting the text to use the figures of speech, the use of the hook under the way, often can receive unexpected recitation effect. For example, recite the text, "The word" there is such a paragraph in the first sentence with parallelism "Baiqian ... Baiqian ... Baiqian ... Sound...... Sound...... Sound ", followed by" thimble "sentence" people ... Hand, hand ... Means...... People...... Mouth, mouth ... "The tongue ..." vividly depicts the panic-stricken scenes of people in a fire. Therefore, we just follow the author's sentence characteristics of this figure of speech to step-by-step control, on the hook, recite the text is also not too difficult.
Listen to the recording and recite the method
Psychologists believe that the combination of visual and auditory involvement in memory is more than visual and auditory, 30%-40%, which is known as the "Collaborative memory Method". According to this theory, in the practice of reciting, the text can be played properly, so that students read the text, while listening to the recording, thus forming a two-way stimulation of memory information, in order to strengthen the memory effect.
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