2015 NEUACM Provincial Practice competition after the second game summary

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51 of the last practice, the distribution of knowledge points more evenly, took one hours a three questions after thought to do the water problems are done, and then went to eat lunch, then look at the rankings of the time found only a few questions a G (then almost 2 hours), Read the question seems to require from a number of items to take out the total delicacy and total weight and total quantity can not exceed the specified value of the delicacy (later found that the problem was wrong qaq), and then hang up the machine = =.
The following is the topic link: http://acm.neu.edu.cn/hustoj/contest.php?cid=1053

A: Failure to AC, the topic roughly meaning is given a string, to find out that the string is removed from all adjacent repeating substrings (that is, the XX into X) after the string (as if to find a duplicate substring has a template. )
B: Simulate the push and pop operations in the queue to find the maximum value of the elements in the queue after each operation, with no elements output-1 (How to record the maximum value). Segment trees and tree arrays may be a try. )
C: Failure to AC, it seems to be a good fan qaq
D:ac, the first water problem, the essence is to ask you in an N-shape can drop a given radius of the circle, the mathematical formula to calculate the better
E: To give you n pairs of strings, and then ask you m questions, each problem corresponds to a string, let you find another string. More solution, direct map can
F: The main idea: to find the Yang Hui triangle of the first row, the elements of column J. Can be directly violent high-precision mix number, but see the data range is less than or equal to 1000 a hand push it.
G: Failure to AC, the main idea: from a number of items to take out the total delicacy, the total weight and can not exceed the specified value, the number of each item can not exceed the value of the sum of the taste. Now think about it, when it comes to removing data that does not meet the quantity requirements, the rest should be the knapsack problem.
H: Failure to AC, graph theory to find the ring problem

The following code is affixed to the AC topic:



The last remaining topics will be added after AC.

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