2015 New Year's Day "festival"

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January 1 of 2015, as a new Year's start, renewal, celebrating the day. But today is for me to live in the magic of a taste of the heart.

In fact, in the last days of 2014, there are plans to "Waitan" the idea. Also asked whether his wife is interested in going to Waitan for the year.

Waitan is a must-go place for the people who have never been to Shanghai.

It's a really exciting, light show. Opposite the Lujiazui, high-rise, a Huangpu River is the portrayal of the whole of Shanghai, it along the Waitan through. And here, whether in the past, now, or in the future, is so dazzling. Around the lover Wall, the end of the Waitan source, hundred years of Waibaidu Bridge. There are also places where the Suzhou Creek meets. To this place, the first time is to feel its novelty, the second is to feel its feelings, the back will be more and more feel the breeze on the other side of the crowd of the mood, and experience the place of life.

It is the song "Shanghai Beach" "Waves, waves," the occurrence of the place, once the originally gang of the site, the rise and fall of the pier 16 is related to this, bearing a lot of people's dream of the big Shanghai, the dreamer like "Keung" to developed ...
Every time I come here, I have a different feeling ...
But today, it is indeed a sad, or Waitan, 30 years ago, 66 people died in the aftermath of another disaster. So many young lives (up to 36 people), lost their dreams, lost their families, and vividly taught us these young people a lesson in life. How small people are in the face of disaster.
Think of 2012 years of 11 national day, and little peaceful, long road together on the Waitan, the kind of choking feeling to now still won't forget, also never forget. A man in the crowd is too small. We can only follow the crowd to walk, we can only hand-in-hand move forward, can not turn back, can not stop the pace, because dare not ... Down the stairs to arrive at Chen Yi Square is really a deep breath. Fortunately, no one fell, fortunately we can go through more than 10 minutes and smooth down, we can deep breath. It was not until this accident that we knew how lucky I was. Even then sometimes feel the feet are not their own, when people are suspended in the air, the child can only ride on the head.

This time does not go, is to thank the wife's work has not finished, thanks wife mood is not very good, did not go over there desire. Thanks to the weather, the sudden cold wave like a special omen of sadness, I choose not to see the light show, no choice to Waitan.

The dead have died, the people have been. May the young life rest in peace, and may the Waitan be more secure. I'm still in love with the Waitan.

With this festival "12.31" practice, I would like 2015 more peace and tranquility. I also thank my friends and family for their concern. Thank you.

2015 New Year's Day "festival"

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