2015 Scientific Research 01. Plan

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And I'm not going to sign up for any research.

Try it! Can the end of the year come to fruition?

L Main Research contents:

1) Android App UI design.

2) based on the Android platform to remind the implementation of medication software.

3) Basic functions of the Software:

1. Users can self-add drugs, enter the name of the drug, choose the drug shape, color, dosage and other basic information.

2. The user can enter the frequency of use of the drug and set a reminder of how long the drug will be used.

3. The user can view all medications required by the individual.

4. The user can view the medicines and records that the person needs to use on the day.

5. Users can back up data and import data.

L Research difficult and innovative points:

1) Classification of drugs;

2) personal user files;

3) SQLite database design;

L Plan for research work:

2015.01~02 Learn about Android's underlying content through the Web and related books

2015.03 write the functional requirements of the software and the overall design framework of the software

2015.04 designing the UI interface of the software

2015.05~10 begins software development

2015.11~12 testing software and making software improvements

2015 Scientific Research 01. Plan

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