2015, that's what I should do.

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At the beginning of each year, we should sum up our reflection on ourselves. How have I spent the past year, the plan has not been completed, is there a waste of time or is there a decadent life? Every day is not a positive, every day is not to let their body and mind happy? Hurried to count, now 23-year-old I, can be said to be their best years, in such a time, we have very unknown and uncertain, how will I live?

Looking back on the past year, I wasted a lot of time, make mistakes should be bold admit. I ask too little of myself and ask too much of others. The good habits and some persistence that I had been keeping were gone, and at that point I was disappointed in myself. In the past year, the plan has been completed in a relaxed process, but I know these are appearances, I do not really work hard, no real effort, every day to spend a lot of time on some useless trivia, such as watching some garbage soap opera!!! It's sad to think back now, and whenever I feel bad at this time, I know what brings real joy, but I didn't do it, and in the year I realized what real inertia was and how horrible it was.

In order not to let later regret, I would like to write more of their own reflection, more to set their own plans and goals. Sometimes, when things are happening around us, our hearts are hard to heal. At any time, self-restraint and accomplishment determine how far we can go. When others do not treat us casually, they can not casually treat their own life, I do not know how I will live, but, as long as not regret the mood will be very good.

More than 20-year-old is a girl the best years, in such a love should not leave a regret. Can withstand the loneliness to live happily, their own life to be responsible, 3.1-line life is sometimes necessary.

In this context, a plan for the 2015 is drawn up, with a small plan for each week under the premise of a major objective, as follows:

Big plan:

(1) Successfully open the topic, small paper delivery success

(2) Internship with Microsoft or other major companies

(3) When looking for a job, you can enter the big company such as Ali, annual salary 20w+

Weekly schedule:

2015.1.1-20151.4 (first week)

(1) Completion of writing exercise report

(2) Prepare the internship information, Crazy Java handout complete two chapters

2015, that's what I should do.

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