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The top 5 open source project management tools in 2015 are based on the following criteria: whether the software provides open source licenses, whether there is an active community, whether the latest documentation is available, whether the source code is available, whether there are new or recent releases, to filter out the open source project management tools of 2015.

First, I shared 5 new open source project management tools for 2015 years. Overall, this article will give you a good look at 11 top-level Open source project management tools.

Based on the following criteria:

    • Does the software provide open source licenses?
    • Is there an active community?
    • Do you have the latest documentation available?
    • is the source code available?
    • Are there new or recent things to publish?

2015 Five new tools

1. Tuleap Open ALM

Tuleap Open ALM is not just a project management tool, it is also an Application lifecycle management tool, including agile development and project management support. Tuleap won the inforworld.com Bossie Award in 2013 and is widely used by Fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises and open source projects.

Tuleap can be flexible, traditional hybrid, or custom project management processes. Support programs, sprints, tasks, reports, etc. This tool is ideal for open source development because the tool also integrates the use of GIT,SVN, Jenkins, etc.

Tuleap is available on GitHub based on the GNU Public License authorization. The open source version includes all features, and the project and the user can use it without restrictions. In addition to professional support, there is an active documentation support community. TULEAP is actively developing in December 2014 to update the latest version of v7.8.

2. Orangescrum

Orangescrum is a modern project management tool suitable for freelancers, institutions and small and medium enterprises. Features include hybrid task boards, resource planning, progress tracking, and more. It is designed for it businesses, education and healthcare services, construction and manufacturing.

The tool is a CakePHP framework based on the Web. It is a free, open source tool based on GPLv3, which is currently hosted on GitHub. There is also a paid SaaS solution, with the parent company Andolasoft providing professional service and support.

The Orangescrum developer community has an active forum and road map. The latest version is 1.5.1, and is still in active development.

3. Taiga

Taiga is an open source project management platform that is still in beta. About the introduction, see Nitish Tiwari on the cover of Taiga: A new, practical-oriented open source project management tool. In this interview, CEO Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz said.

"Taiga is a tool designed to address basic software usability issues. The developer said the design looked pleasing. ”

With regard to agile development, Taiga has all the features it needs, such as returning logs, Kanban, tasks, sprints, and issues. Taiga is open source on GitHub, based on the GNU Affero GPLv3. There is also a paid version. The Taiga can be run on Nginx, Python 3.4, and PostgreSQL 9.3 or later versions. You can find support documents on their website via Google Group.

4. Odoo

Odoo formerly known as OpenERP, is a complete set of enterprise applications, Odoo project management is just one of them. It is a multi-platform tool that supports Windows,fedora,centos,rhel and so on. Odoo is licensed and available for download based on AGPLv3.

Odoo has a professional community that can meet all the needs of a user or developer, including forums, documentation, IRC, tracking, GitHub and more. It supports Kanban view tasks and issues, as well as Gantt charts and control deadlines. This tool makes it easy to adapt to your own project management plan. It can also be highly collaborative, allowing multiple members to work at the same time and automatically send task e-mails. For a full set of features, check out the tool description page.

5. Mycollab

Mycollab supports three modules: Mycollab CRM, document management, and Mycollab-project.

In this case, Mycollab-project is exactly the tool we are looking for, with many features such as Gantt charts and milestones, real-time tracking, problem management, risk and problem management. There are three versions of Mycollab-project, of which the community version is free. Mycollab is a Java-based open source framework and library under the AGPLv3 license. Its source code is already hosted on GitHub, and the tool and supporting documentation can be downloaded on the website.

The latest version of Mycollab-project is 4.5.5, which mainly improves the functional and mobile distribution of the project. GitHub takes the place of traditional forums where they receive contributions and provide support.

2014 Tool Progress Report

Here is an update on last year's project. Projectlibre has updated version 1.5.8 to version 1.5.9. There is no release 2.0, and no SaaS (software as a service) feature is available. In July 2014, Projectlibre passed the 1 million download count mark.

Libreplan is now a April 2013 release. For full updates, please see the 2015 State of the Union address.

Openproject is still active and has demonstrated its own ascension through the release notes. Their current version is 4.0.4. With the release of version 3.0, they have successfully migrated version 2.1 and 3.2 to Ruby on Rails.

Project-open released a beta version of 4.1 in June 2014. The expected 4.2 version has not yet been released, but I found 5.0 versions on their 2015 roadmap.

Redmine seems to be continuing to improve steadily.

Last year I introduced a welfare tool: Agilefant. Since then they have implemented a paid version, but will continue to provide the basic tools for open source. (English opensource, translator Ayleeliu)

From: http://code.csdn.net/news/2823780

2015 Top 5 open source project management tools

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