2015-Year Plan

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2015 actually really is the first year of my big data, I need to lay a foundation for my career development in this years, so need to do but not limited to:

1, skilled use Mr,yarn,spark (Spark sql,spark streaming,ml ...), hive,mahout,hbase to develop, and familiar with the tuning, and the principles of implementation.

2, read flume source code, read the main ecological project source code.

3, reported to Suntech, this year's several exams must be over, for 2016 to get a degree.

4, reported the smelting number into gold algorithm introduction, this year needs to be familiar with the algorithm, at least the common algorithm must be familiar.

5. There are several books in hand, read in 2015 but not limited to these books.

6, need for data mining and machine learning to have a primer. There is a precondition for learning these, which is data and statistics. The same two doors also have a primer.

7, if there is energy, I hope I began to learn English.

In short, the study of the Hadoop eco-project is my focus. Other knowledge to learn to see my energy.

2015-Year Plan

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