2015 years of experience, 2015 years of experience

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2015 years of experience, 2015 years of experience

The New Year's breath has gradually moved away from us, and it has been about half a month since we went to work in the twinkling of an eye. Maybe everyone hasn't gotten out of their holiday habits yet, our technical needs are much less than we did a year ago. We had to add a variety of needs a year ago, and working overtime was a common practice.

Years later, although there were also many tasks, it was much easier than a year ago. Using idle time, I still had to make up for short-board js. Although I have been working for almost four years, however, I used to write JavaScript code for my colleagues. I was only responsible for the related cut charts. after the Spring Festival in 2014, the company's policy suddenly changed. Every front-end staff had to cut the lines and adjust the js, work by project. I have also written JavaScript before, but they are all simple functions, which are basically impossible. When the leaders asked me to take charge of the entire project, I found that all js I used to understand was superficial, so when I was working on a project last year, I often went to study js at night and on weekends. When I was free during the day, I asked questions that other colleagues didn't understand. Although I had worked very hard for a year, I had a huge harvest, js has made great progress. I miss the time when I went to study js every day. I went to work every day and watched videos during the shuttle bus, I read the js system almost once, and there are also 150 videos. I am very grateful to some of my colleagues for their help. When I encounter problems that cannot be solved, other colleagues in the front-end group enthusiastically explained this to me. When we are interested in one thing, we can always squeeze out time to do it, just like when I sometimes catch up with TV series and novels, no matter how busy, I can find out the time to read the results. For the front-end, although I did not reject it at the beginning, I was not very interested in it. I went to this industry, this is because I like people who are engaged in programming and I am not interested in it at school, so I often follow him to borrow books from the library and study in the study room, I also learned some technologies slowly. I was originally a network Major. After graduation, I engaged in front-end work based on my usual technologies. Now I recall that, I feel that one person has a great impact on another person. If it weren't for someone I like, maybe I didn't often go to libraries or data centers, nor would I look for programming jobs, maybe I will do network technology work.

During my years of work, I found that I gradually liked the front-end industry and would like to spend more time learning front-end technologies, in the past, I often heard people say that girls are not suitable for programming, and they will not be able to do it for a long time. Now I think that girls are actually not programmers. I have been working in this industry for a few years, but not in this industry, in addition, it takes more time to become more interested in this industry than before.

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