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1. HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language) structure:

2. Layout control mark:

Line break:<br/>


Horizontal line:thickness: size; width: width; horizontal position: align; colour: color)


Center: Center

3. Title Text:


Text: bold B; italic i; underline u; Delete line S; superscript sup; Subscript Sub

4. Body Tag Properties:

Background color: bgcolor

Background Image: Background

Text color: Text

5. List:

(1) Sequence list: <ol> <li> ref. 1</li>

<li> Ref. 2</li> </ol>

Number form: Type=1 or A or a or I or I

Start sequence: start=n (only numbers)

(2) unordered list: <ul> <li> bullets </li>

<li> Bullets </li> </ul>

Symbol form: type=circle (circle) or disc (dot) or square (square)

Remove the preceding symbol: List-style-type:none;

(3) correct wording of list nesting


<li> Options 1</li>

      <li> Options 2


<li> Options 2-1</li>

<li> Options 2-2</li>




PS: Note that when "option 2" has a nested table inside, the </li> behind it is not written directly after "option 2", but is written in the back of the nested table inside it!

6. Forms:

(1) Table layout:


<caption> Table title </caption>

<tr><th> head 1</th><th> head 2</th></tr>

<tr><td> list 1</td><td> list 2</td></tr>


(2) Table properties: Width, height, border, cellspacing, cellpadding, BorderColor, bgcolor, align

Width height border Inner box width text to border distance border color background color horizontal position

(3) Row and column properties:

    Height: height; box color: bordercolor; background color: bgcolor; horizontal alignment: Align; vertical alignment: valign

(4) Span columns across rows:

Cross-line: rowspan

Cross-column: colspan

(5) Table title:

<caption align=top or Bottom> located above or below the table


7. Pictures:

Picture tag:

Picture properties: Height: tall, Width: breadth; border width: border; Priority reading low resolution graph: LOWSRC; text callout: Alt

8. Absolute path & relative path:

Absolute path: http://www.cnblogs.com/or D:\360Downloads

Relative path:.. /.. /a/b.jpg


9. Hyperlinks:

  <a href= "hyperlink address" > text or Picture </a>

1. Empty link: <a href= "JavaScript:;" ></a>

The difference between an empty link and other types of links:

Href= "JavaScript:;" With href= "javascript:void (0);", Empty link, click there will be no jump

href= "#" with #top, click Back to Top, page does not refresh

Href= "" Click to refresh and go back to the top

href= "/" Click to jump to the top level directory

2. Link Open window:

_blank opens in a new window _parent the parent window opens _self the current window opens _top returns information displayed in the top-level browser window

20150916html Front-end Section

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