20,151 in Training Day 5

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It's another day's blast. 0!!!!!

Originally the first problem is very easy to do to optimize excessive

Lost the answer.

Put on a question first

Time Limit
Memory Limit
524288 Kbytes
Standard Judge

Peter likes to play with arrays. Noip this day, he got a positive integer array of size n from Jason's hand.

Peter figured out all the sub-segments of the array and sorted the N (n+1)/2 numbers in descending order, and he wanted to know what the first k number was.

Input Format

The input file name is ksum.in.

The first line of the input data contains two integers n and K.

The next line contains n positive integers, which represent the array.

Output Format

The output file name is Ksum.out.

The number of output K, which represents the number of first k after descending, separated by a space.

Sample Input
INPUT13 3 4input23 310 2 7
Sample Output
output18 7 4 4output219 12 10

Test point number N≤k≤

1 100 5000

2 500 100000

3 1000 80000

4 1000 100000

5 10000 50000

6 20000 80000

7 50000 80000

8 100000 80000

9 100000 100000

10 100000 100000

For all data, meet AI≤10 9 k≤n (n+1)/2,n≤100000,k≤100000

Significant heap maintenance for a sequential sequence it must be a subset of this sequence of sub-values;

The heap top sequence is crammed into the heap by a subsequence of (l+1,r) && (l,r-1), respectively, each time the heap is removed

Heap maintenance can be noted that the process may occur repeated vertices with a hash table maintenance can be;

#include <cstdio>#include<iostream>#include<cstring>#include<cmath>#include<algorithm>#include<map>#include<vector>#defineMAXN 100010using namespacestd;structst{intL,r; Long Longsum;} mu[2*Maxn];typedef pair<int,int>Pa;map&LT;PA,BOOL>Q1;intn,m,k,l,n1,i;intA[MAXN];voidDownintx) {    intFa=X,son;  while(fa*2<=N1) {Son=fa*2; if(mu[son+1].sum>mu[son].sum&&son+1&LT;=N1) son++; if(mu[fa].sum>mu[son].sum) Break;        Swap (Mu[fa],mu[son]); FA=Son; }}voidUpintx) {    intfa,son=x;  while(son/2) {FA=son/2; if(mu[fa].sum>mu[son].sum) Break;        Swap (Mu[fa],mu[son]); Son=FA; }}voidPush (St x) {n1++; Q1[pa (X.L,X.R)]=1; MU[N1]=x; Up (N1);}intMain () {//freopen ("ksum.in", "R", stdin);//freopen ("Ksum.out", "w", stdout);scanf"%d%d",&n,&k);  for(i=1; i<=n;++i) {scanf ("%d",&A[i]); mu[1].sum+=A[i]; } N1=1; mu[1].l=1; mu[1].R=N;Q1[PA (mu[1].l,mu[1].R)]=1;  for(i=1; i<=k;++i) {printf ("%lld", mu[1].sum); if(mu[1].l<mu[1].R) {St Q; Q=mu[1]; Q.sum-=A[Q.L]; Q.L++; if(!Q1[pa (Q.L,Q.R)]) push (q); Q=mu[1]; Q.sum-=A[Q.R]; Q.R--; if(!Q1[pa (Q.L,Q.R)]) push (q); } mu[1]=mu[n1--]; Down (1); }}

20,151 in Training Day 5

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