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The whole week of Review week, the curriculum: computer composition, data structure, operating system. Constant review, summary, do the problem, but it is not on the machine programming.

This week, I still insist on early morning, write Morning diary, do morning exercise, start a night of meditation.

This week's harvest is: Reading two books: One is about meditation, practicing abdominal breathing. The second is: "Take time as a friend," write the importance of the personal mind, and how to grasp the use of their own time. There are a lot of details to learn to improve. Now I feel that I have to act, start to implement my own plan, first week plan. and start recording your own life, event time records, process-based records, and see where your time is going?

Yes, there is one important thing to stick to in the future: focus on at least one meaningful study for more than 2 hours a day.

This week did not complete their previous goals, learning technology, every day is reading, do the problem, think about ... Ability is the promotion to practice Oh!!!


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