2015.4.22 regular match, anti-data conversion, redundant part ellipsis processing login

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1. Analytic <a href=javascript:void(0)> notation

workaround : The difference between clear void 0 and undefined

2, seek regular, like [{"Key": "Value"},{"key": "Value"},{"key": "Value"}] to [["Value"],["value"],["value"] "How to do?"

Workaround : /[^"}{:]*?(?="})/g
Note : the regular tool

3, this paragraph after the end of the superfluous part with "..... "How do you do that?"

resolution : The js length of the character to judge, more than the interception of a certain length of the addition "...", or
cssAdd{text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap}

4. In the If Else statement, the function declaration promotion is invalid, how to solve it? Code:
if (1===0) {} Else  = setTimeout (myfun,1000); function myfun () {Console.log (' a ')}}

workaround : Get the function out of the definition.
parsing : Do not assign a value to a variable after the IF, or define a function after the IF, it can be defined outside the IF, and if inside the call. For example, the function in this question refers to the

function myfun () {Console.log (' a ')}
5, take the data inside with character this front-end display how to let it not convert to &gt,&lt, but the correct display, such as <br/> this tag (using the template engine, all was converted)?

workaround : Handlers the template {{{}}}, two parentheses into three parentheses. This will not transform and become the original ecological.

2015.4.22 regular match, anti-data conversion, redundant part ellipsis processing login

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