20155207 EXP8 Web Foundation

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20155207 EXP8 Web Foundation Experiment Content
    • (1) Web front-end HTML
    • (2) Web Front End Javascipt
    • (3) Web backend: MySQL Foundation: normal installation, start MySQL, build library, create user, change password, build table
    • (4) Web backend: Writing PHP Web pages, connecting databases, authenticating users
    • (5) Simplest SQL injection, XSS attack test
Basic question Answer
    • (1) What is a form
    • In the Web page is responsible for information collection, in the Web page user input information, through the form can be submitted to the background for the corresponding processing
    • (2) browser can parse what language to run
    • HTML, Css,js script will call the JS scripting engine to handle, PHP interpretation is performed on the server side
    • (3) What dynamic languages are supported by webserver
    • ASP, PHP, JSP, Python
Practice process Recording Apache
    • Launch Apache, view port occupancy

    • Detects if Apache is working properly, Fierfox access localhost:80 , and displays the Google landing page intercepted by Apache

Writing Web pages
    • Test: Apache reads files under working directory
    • Input string

    • Browser opens Localhost:80/test.txt

Front-end programming
    • Write a simple HTML page for login

    • The method parameter is get, so the input value is displayed in the URL, submitted

    • JavaScript, write code that tests whether the password is empty

    • Test, enter an empty password
    • Popup dialog box

Back-end programming PHP
    • Install PHP
    • Test PHP

    • Write PHP to try to get form data

    • The form is submitted using the Post method, and PHP needs to be modified using the POST method

    • Install start MySQL

    • Go to MySQL:

Enter /etc/init.d/mysql start the MySQL service to open,
Enter mysql -u root -p , log in as root, enter the password according to the prompt, the default password is [email protected], enter MySQL;

    • Change Password: The previous default password is not good to remember, you can change the password

      输入use mysql;选择mysql数据库输入select user, password, host from user;显示mysql库中已有的用户名、密码与权限输入UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD("新密码") WHERE user=‘root‘;更改用户名root的密码输入flush privileges;更新权限。输入quit退出,重新登录mysql
    • Re mysql -u root –p -enter and log in with the new password.
    • Create a database and a new table. The command is as follows:

      create database 库名;use 库名;create table gyl (userid VARCHAR(100),username VARCHAR(45),password VARCHAR(256),enabled VARCHAR(5));
    • Table name users four fields UserID, username, password, enabled primary key UserID
    • Add an account to a table

SQL injection
    • In the user name of the Web login ‘ or 1=1# , enter the password casually, this time the synthesized SQL query statement isselect * from users where username=‘‘ or 1=1#‘ and password=md5(‘‘)

    • You can get a database on a Web site that has a security vulnerability by entering (a malicious) SQL statement in a Web form, by inserting a SQL command into a Web form to submit or entering a query string for a domain name or page request, eventually reaching a malicious SQL command that deceives the server.

    • Modify code to allow multiple executions, SQL injection to save the user name and password in the database

XSS attack
    • In the logged in user name, enter: 5207, read the picture under the/var/www/html directory

20155207 EXP8 Web Foundation

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