20155317 Wang Ying 2006-2007-2 "Java Programming" 3rd study Summary

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20155317 Wang Ying 2006-2007-2 "java Program Design" 3rd week study summary textbook Study content summary fourth chapter
    1. The meaning of Chothes (String Coler,char size) is to initialize the two objects, color and size, so that initialization can be done in a canonical format for assigning values to the two objects.
    2. The meaning of new, according to the textbook and their own understanding, I think that the meaning of new is to give an object to add a value or a new example.
    3. 3. Understanding of Java.util.Scanner: Java.util is a class of Java Toolkit, similar to the Java.math and Java.long seen later. The implication of scanner is that the input representative program has an input interface.
    4. Java's subtraction operations are using plus (), substact (), multiply (), divide (), and program operations using A.plus (b) to represent a+b. Other and so on.
    5. The wrapper has a Long interger Double Boolean. In the packaging process, the return of the packaged value in A.doublevalue () format, double means to output in double format, the book does not say can have other formats similar to int,float these formats, in practice, found that can, and does not appear compile errors. Figure ()
    6. About the automatic packaging and unpacking, continue to follow the above example of a and WRA, directly with interger WRA = 10; You can complete the package, no longer need a variable, split the same with int a = WRA; Note When packing, Interger this variable, the range is from -128~127. Be careful when you use it. Array Summary: The array is used more as an index in Java, from which we link to the list of data structures we just learned. In addition, it is more convenient to use the data in Java to calculate the length of the index than the array in the C language. The definition array takes the form of int[][] a ={}; there is no need to add a variable inside the brackets, which differs from the C language.
Problems in teaching materials learning and the solving process
    • Simplified definitions are not available in constructed objects, similar to the following simplified packaging

    • And I finally found out it didn't seem possible
    • What's the difference between a packaged content and a non-packaged one?
    • XX2 Solutions
    • ...
Problems in code debugging and the resolution process
    • XX1 problems
    • XX1 Solutions
    • XX2 problems
    • XX2 Solutions
    • ...
Code Hosting
    • Code Submission Process:
      • Run git log--pretty=format: "%h-%an,%CD:%s" and
    • Code Amount:
      • Run Find Src-name "*.java" | Xargs Cat | Grep-v ^$ | Wc-l and
Last week's summary of the wrong quiz
    • Wrong questions and reasons, understanding the situation
    • Wrong question 2 and reason, understand the situation
    • ...
Other (sentiment, thinking, etc., optional)

xxx xxx

Learning progress Bar /Cumulative) new/cumulative)
lines of code (newBlog volume (Learning time (new/cumulative) Important growth
Goal 5000 rows 30 Articles 400 hours
First week 22/100 2/2 20/20
Second week 180/200 2/4 18/38
Third week 294/300 3/7 22/60

Try to record "planned learning time" and "actual learning time" to see if you can improve your planning skills by the end of the semester. This work is very important and useful in learning. Time-consuming estimates of the formula: y=x+x/n, y=x-x/n, the number of training, X, Y is close.

Reference: Why is it so difficult to estimate software engineering applications, software engineering estimation methods

    • Planned study time: xx hours

    • Actual study time: xx hours

    • Improved situation:

    • Take a look at it. The self-evaluation form of software engineer's ability in modern software engineering courseware

    • Java Learning Notes (8th Edition)

    • Java Learning Note (8th Edition) Learning Guide

20155317 Wang Ying 2006-2007-2 "Java Programming" 3rd study Summary

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