2015.9.18 share PPTV with LeTV member accounts

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PPTV member account sharing: 2015.9.18


1. Do not change the password at will to ensure that most people can use it;
2. The PPTV account is incorrect due to a password or is no longer a VIP member. Please wait for updates and use the latest account;
3. PPTVvip account sharing will be continuously updated, so that the majority of users can enjoy more Highlights. Remember to share and stay tuned;
4. The more shares, the faster the update.

Updated at: 09: 00

Account: liuyuanyue179 password: 736476
Account: zuwanjun028 password: 782181
Account: jilingling025, password: 265669
Account: yanxiaojiao280 password: 327968
Account: wanxueao708 password: 178502
Account: yuhuixin491, password: 645111
Account: biefangjun774 password: 923128
Account: xiachunxiao658 password: 341075
Account: fengjingya991, password: 989717
Account: raoanai716 password: 359733
Account: yiqingxiu608 password: 499289
Account: wuleiyue397 password: 438798

LeTV member account sharing

Updated at: 08: 00

Account: 15375352502 account: 154356
Account: 18602888682 account: 1211phin88
Account: 18981698999 account: 538168
Account: 13381122730 account: 199122li
Account: 18607291982 account: 111aaa

Time UPDATED: 03: 00

Account: 13615753115 account: 2947337
Account: 13810383719 account: 13803665914
Account: 13206307876 account: z410914l
Account: 13720023168 account: 197539
Now, you can use these accounts to watch the LeTV VIP video you want, which is convenient and fast.

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