2016 20th Saturday Xiamen Tourism

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Today went to the famous Xiamen's most important scenic spot Gulangyu, meet as well-known, some places have not been to the feeling in the heart than after going to the feeling of a lot more, although it is true, sometimes virtual a little perhaps better, let those of the scenic spots in your heart left a good impression, the time spent in discovering the real beauty.

Small harvest, the general Sea of land 10 safe kilometers above the island, 10 cottage kilometers to become Yu, Gulangyu area of 1.88 cottage kilometers, 1.88 kilometers long, 1 kilometers wide, small area, but long-lived population of 1.7w, the number of visitors 6.5w.

CuO read CuO, Minnan meaning for residential, such as once CuO Ann.

Yundang Lake

2016 20th Saturday Xiamen Tourism

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