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Apple held a separate conference for MacBook Pro at Headquarters, and perhaps it will be the last new launch at its current headquarters after Apple moved to the new headquarters of the spacecraft.

While the global PC industry has been in a weaker position in recent years, Apple's Mac products are selling pretty well, with more and more people starting to switch from PCs to Mac platforms. This, of course, benefits from Apple's ability to combine industrial design with powerful MacOS systems, and to be a great tool for many people to learn, work, and use in software and other areas of expertise.

Today's new Mac book Pro (MBP) series is a step further, not only introducing the touch ID, but also adding to the rumors of the OLED touchscreen function, which is called in the press release. Small series also after the first time experience with the Touch ID and Touch Bar of the MBP new products, below to give you quick to share a few simple feelings of use, follow-up to bring you detailed experience evaluation.

1, forcing a full touch bar not only look more practical

Touch Bar is definitely the most interesting selling point of this updated MBP, and it is the most significant symbol of Apple's MBP distinguishing other similar products. Through the introduction of the press conference, we should have a certain understanding of touch bar function. Touch bar is actually in the original MBP key area at the top of the new a long strip of OLED touchscreen, by the fuselage inside a separate chip control, the far right is the touch ID.

Functional Touch bar can be said with the day-to-day operation of the perfect integration, in addition to the default commonly used features, and Apple has the most of the MBP itself with the most software has targeted optimization matching. In other words, you can not only adjust the screen brightness, volume, keyboard backlight, and so on, even in the mail, photos and other applications will be commonly used in the operation of integration, operation more quickly and conveniently.

For example, when you open a photo application, you can browse through your photos directly in the touch bar, and then crop and so on. It's worth mentioning that touch bar is also integrated with the system's own Chinese input method, when typing will be synchronized with your candidate words and various emoticons.

In addition to this, Apple will touch bar API directly to the third party, the conference will show you how commonly used PS software to use touch bar for efficient image processing. In addition, software developers can also be targeted to touch bar for multi-level definition. For example, when you use the color of the photo to the touch bar corresponding options on the long press, the touchscreen will go directly to the next layer of the selected hue for more details of the display for users to choose.

Because Touch Bar uses the OLED material's touchscreen design, the brightness display is very clear, even if you can see the screen display content clearly in the outdoors strong light environment. and touch Bar itself supports multi-touch, as long as the Open app supports you to be able to manipulate multiple fingers simultaneously.

This powerful function and practicality in particular in such areas as audio and video clips, combined with the MacOS itself shortcut button function, with the touch bar you can now completely discard the mouse to edit, preview and other operations. As more and more third-party apps begin to support touch Bar, it is not only full of color value, its usefulness will be greatly enhanced.

Touch Bar gives people the first feeling is cool, but the function is very good, and is not a short number of words can be explained, interested users strongly recommend follow-up to the Apple Store hands-on experience, I believe you will soon be impressed. Of course, accustomed to the traditional entity button with the mouse operation of the user, or need some time to adapt to touch Bar.

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