2016 give yourself an explanation and 2016 give it an explanation

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2016 give yourself an explanation and 2016 give it an explanation
I. Preface

There are often such plans for technical learning, but none of them are actually implemented. After all, we need to make a systematic summary of the scattered learning to make ourselves accumulate. Since my graduation, I have been busy. I have paid a lot for my company, but it's just a tough ass:

1. Only do the same thing (follow the arrangement of the leaders and do a good job. I never doubt that the planning capability of the leaders is weak .)

2. Work hard and never reap the rewards. (I have dominated many small projects, but I don't know how to learn about project management .)

3. Do not know how to preserve your value (never pick, execute, and chew a lot of bones, but only be called by a dog .)

Yes, the "donkey" situation touched me and allowed me to jump out and look at people and things. Looking back, I worked very hard and did a lot of work, and it took a lot of time. Now, I only want to live for myself in the lifetime of my "programmer.

2. Funny

The highlight of coming back from the Chinese New Year is the vs plan. It takes one or two days for everyone to make fun. The result is a few hundred pieces. However, they despise such behavior if they are not familiar with planning and so on. However, from the past results, my mentality is wrong. There is no conflict between "Funny profit" and "planning". The best case is to be profitable, and the planning is clear. So let's start with everyone. Snoop: the job is for money, so don't go through it with money.

Iii. Work

Looking back at the KPI of Department 2016, there is no reliable thing, and eventually a project fails due to a certain problem. As a result, all colleagues in the Department are deducted for performance. The company hired me as a "Coder", but assigned me the following N things: 2015 of the pressure is falling into the water, 2016 how to break it? Check and sort out the inventory!

4. Learning plan

I am no longer working overtime only for my work. Maintaining the value of value has become a task that I must do in my lifetime.

4.1. Android Learning

Previously, I had been playing around on the edge of Android for a long time and had never been able to learn it seriously. 2016 gave myself a clear plan!

4.2. DotNet Learning

Previously, in the world of DotNet, can I find myself in disorder?

V. Summary

Now, I promise to give up.

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