2016 how much does it cost to develop an app? What is the cost of app development-app Development Problem Summary-Guangzhou to reach the information

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As an app developer, the question asked by Layman's friends is, "how much does it cost to be a website?" Or "How much does it cost to develop an app?" As a developer of a full web site project and mobile app, today, from the product manager's perspective, work out what needs to be done from scratch to develop a small and medium app, and how much money it will cost to reach a mission.

There are now two development models for the mainstream, one is to use ready-made templates for modification, and the other is to completely redesign the development.

Use the template work less, if it is a simple function, customer requirements are not too high app, just to let the artist to the front page to a certain degree of modification, the shortest one or two days can be completed, the minimum cost of 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan.

All re-development is more troublesome, need art, planning, app developers, background programmers and other types of work together to complete, large, complex app development even need a team of tens of people. Develop a simple Life application class app, do not rely on the background, even design + development are commissioned, direct development of the Duration = 2 weeks, plan + communication + Test + Modify = 2 weeks, back and forth about 1 months, look at the quality of the team, the price should be 30,000 million, complex front and rear app development, find the team, Development price should be around 100,000, the development cycle of about 2 months to months.

Now the mobile app development companies, different software development companies, the price is not the same, large mobile app companies developed, customized app applications more professional, skilled, they need the price may be relatively low.  But now, casually customize an enterprise application, product display type, there are dozens of to thousands of price range. From the development of an app to put into use, the first customer and production company signed a contract, the need to pay about 30% of the deposit, the company will issue a set of Software page preview to the customer, customers can according to their own needs, the color of the page, functional division and other content to make a comprehensive change. After the final decision, the customer will be required to pay 50% of the total cost.

After that, the production company will make according to customer requirements, according to the application development complexity, the process will be in half a month to several months. After the success of the app, it will enter the test period, the test can be carried out by the company personnel to test, can also be delivered to customer use, by the customer to test themselves. Based on the problems found in the test, the company is re-modified.

The test period of about 3 months, simple app test time will be shorter, after the completion of the test app to customer use, and customers need to pay off the last 20% of the balance.

APP development good when the launch, not counting the channel publicity costs, do not advertise, online iOS APP Store need to register the developer account, purchase certificate, also need to spend a certain fee.

After you've developed your app, you'll want to invest money to promote your app after you're ready to run. For a lack of visibility, no user base app, promotion is a necessary link. At present, the most common way to promote the promotion of the download platform, parallel imports of mobile phones and self-made system promotion.

In short, the development of an app price, the overall calculation is not cheap. Small suggestions if individuals or enterprises want to develop a own app, or find some like a well-known enterprise cooperation, so the relatively small cost, engaged in the internet in the past few years to contact the app development company also has several, the most impressed is that Guangzhou to achieve information development of an enterprise app from scratch, operating promotion package only about 30,000. Internet era, the app is the development trend of every small and medium-sized enterprises, when someone asked how much money to do an app, you can answer a less complex app development, from the prototype design to the final development, the first half of six months out of 2 to 200,000, to see your personal budget and specific needs.

2016 how much does it cost to develop an app? What is the cost of app development-app Development Problem Summary-Guangzhou to reach the information

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