2016 Hunan college entrance examination score line announcement: a liberal arts 530 science 517

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The Hunan provincial Education Examination Institute officially announced the admission control scores for each batch of the Hunan college entrance examination in 2016. One of these scores is 530 points for Liberal Arts and 517 points for a science subject; the other is 476 points for the liberal arts and 439 points for the second science subject. (See the table for details)

Attached to the scores of Hunan college entrance examination over the years:


Score query method

SMS query

1. College entrance examination score query:

Cen users send the last 10 digits (for example, CJ #0102030405) of "CJ #" and "student ID" to 1062899261 for query;

China Unicom users send the last 10 digits (for example, GKCJ #0102030405) of "GKCJ #" and "student ID" to 1062899261 for query.

2. College entrance examination admission information query:

Cen users send the last 10 digits (for example, LQZT #0102030405) of "LQZT #" and "student ID" to 1062899266 for query;

China Unicom users send the last 10 digits (for example, GKLQDT #0102030405) of "GKLQDT #" and "student ID" to 1062899266 for query.


2016 how does Alipay check the college entrance examination score?

One-click score checking by Alipay

Alipay recently joined Sichuan Hui 'an Rong to introduce the college entrance examination volunteer pass product. The college entrance examination scoring function was activated, and candidates from 29 provinces across the country can use Alipay to "one-click score detection ".

This year, Alipay introduced the product to provide two query functions: "Checking by appointment" and "checking by real time". Users only need to open Alipay's city service and enter the examination and scoring application, you can choose to use. You can subscribe to the scores of the college entrance examination. You only need to enter the examinee's name, mobile phone number, ID card number, admission ticket number, and student number, and then you can set the score check subscription before placing the exam, alipay will push the first time to the user. The real-time score can be detected by mobile phones after the score is listed.

It is understood that the results of the 2016 college entrance examination were first announced on the 22nd, namely, Jilin, Gansu, and Sichuan provinces. The results were published relatively late in Qinghai, Hunan, and other provinces, concentrated in June 26. According to Alipay, on the basis of last year, the support for this year's college entrance examination scores has been expanded to 29 provinces across the country. In addition to Xinjiang and Tibet, candidates from all over the country can go through Alipay. In addition, Alipay provides the "university admission data query" function, allowing you to learn about the admission scores of more than 2000 colleges and universities in China over the years.

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