2016, please write these 9 words on your desk

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1. Not to worry about the vague future, but only for the clear present efforts

2. You can change the height of your life only if you change your attitude first.

3. Before complaining about earning less, try to learn to make yourself valuable

4. Academic qualifications represent the past, and learning ability represents the future.

5. Endure loneliness can keep the prosperous, the age of struggle do not choose the ease

6. Some things do not insist on seeing hope, but persist to see hope.

7. Pressure is not someone who works harder than you, but a few times more than your cows are still working hard

8. What you do, may not see success for the time being, but don't lose heart, you are not without growth, but rooted

9. Between reality and ideals, unchanged is the trek, dim and brilliant, unchanged is to open up

2016, please write these 9 words on your desk

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